Advanced AI Data Trainer at Invisible Technologies

May 18, 2024

Job Description

Embark on a tech career: Join the team supporting the latest advancements in AI language models.

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AI is already deeply integrated into our lives, from simple tasks like product recommendations to more complex applications like medical diagnoses and scientific research. However, the effectiveness of AI depends on the quality of its training data and rules. Our team specializes in refining these aspects.

The Position:

As an Advanced AI Data Trainer, you’ll collaborate closely with a team to train AI in various language tasks, such as reading, writing, and summarizing knowledge. Your role is akin to that of a language arts teacher, guiding the AI to become a reliable and knowledgeable conversation partner for various purposes.


  • Training: Create exemplary conversations for the AI to learn from, utilizing diverse sources to enhance its understanding.
  • Evaluation: Continuously assess the AI’s accuracy and safety according to predefined criteria.
  • Testing: Actively challenge the AI to identify weaknesses and suggest improvements to enhance its performance.

Ideal Candidate:

This role values competencies over formal experience, making it suitable for recent graduates or career changers. You should possess intuitive writing skills, clear communication abilities, and a deep interest in linguistics. Additionally, a passion for continuous learning and a desire to contribute to groundbreaking technology are essential.

Compensation & Career Path:

This entry-level position offers competitive pay starting at $15-$20 per hour, with opportunities for advancement into senior training or project management roles. Flexible hours and a stimulating work environment are provided, along with potential career growth within the company.

Join us and be part of shaping the future of AI technology. Apply now to learn more during interviews!