Aluminum design engineer

May 23, 2024

Job Description

J.O.T is currently in the process of recruiting and is seeking fresh faces to become part of our team!

J.O.T, a project management firm headquartered in Israel, extends its reach to include teams stationed internationally.


  • Drafting in AutoCAD
  • Collaborating with SPOK
  • Generating drawings, production specifications, and bills of materials
  • Liaising with team leaders and clients
  • Daily progress reporting


  • Proficiency in AutoCAD and Microsoft Office suite
  • Familiarity with SPOK/HVF design
  • A proficiency level in English of at least B1 (Intermediate) is preferred
  • Strong communication skills

What We Offer:

  • Remote employment, with a commitment to a long-term, full-time position
  • 5-day work week, with 9-hour shifts in the European timezone
  • Comprehensive support throughout your tenure
  • Company-provided gifts and bonuses
  • Access to complimentary English language training

If you’re keen on being a part of our team, please submit your English CV to