Backend Engineer at Doist

May 19, 2024

Job Description

At Doist, we’re shaping the future of work. We’re a diverse team working remotely, dedicated to crafting products like Todoist and Twist that enhance people’s lives. Our passion lies in tackling old productivity challenges with innovative solutions, reimagining the way productivity tools are developed.

Our Core Values

Our values are concise yet powerful, influencing everything from our processes to decision-making and recruitment.

Ambition: We aim to make a significant impact. Setting high standards for ourselves and others, we tackle issues that greatly affect our customers and company.

Mastery: We prioritize the quality of our work, continuously learning and pushing our limits. Championing both our craft and well-being, we work intensely and disconnect fully.

Independence: Our reliability is unquestionable. We deliver on time, keep our promises, take ownership, and remain accountable even with minimal guidance.

Communication: Our communication is clear, concise, and engaging, fostering warmth and respect in all interactions. Culturally and socially aware, we navigate social situations adeptly.

Visit our blog to delve deeper into our values and work culture.

About the Role

As a Backend Engineer, you’ll be instrumental in developing, maintaining, and improving the code powering Todoist for millions of users across various client apps and integrations. Opportunities abound, from contributing to architectural overhauls to ensuring seamless synchronization across devices.

Our codebase isn’t flawless, featuring a unique in-house Python framework akin to Flask and occasional circular dependencies. We’re actively modernizing our stack and architecture, aiming for a backend that’s both enjoyable to work on and robust on AWS, our chosen cloud platform.

You’re an ideal fit if you excel in understanding and evolving legacy systems, maintaining high delivery standards, addressing technical debt systematically, mentoring peers, and collaborating effectively. As a Backend Engineer, you’ll lead projects, collaborate with our engineering-focused leadership, and work across teams to solve user pain points.

About You

We’re keen on finding someone who will thrive in this role. Here’s what we believe will set you up for success:

Substantial experience in developing web services, with a deep understanding of the underlying components (DNS, HTTP, DBs, etc.). Proficiency in Python, leveraging its strengths and mitigating weaknesses, alongside familiarity with another programming language. Knowledge of OWASP Top 10 web app security risks and adeptness at avoiding and mitigating them. Experience with MySQL or PostgreSQL, including understanding their quirks and optimizing SQL query performance. Comfort in the Unix shell environment, adept at scripting for automation tasks. Proficiency in writing unit tests and understanding current testing practices. Understanding of architectural principles and application of programming principles like SOLID, DRY, YAGNI, etc. Desire to contribute beyond coding, shaping product direction, and participating in implementation planning. Requirements

Even if you’re unsure whether this role suits you, we’re open to considering you. Here’s how our process works:

Complete your application by May 17 at 2PM UTC, including your resume and thoughtful responses to application questions. We review each application to gauge your motivation, skills, and experience. You’ll undergo a value alignment interview with our CTO, Gonçalo Silva. A take-home test project allows you to showcase your role-specific skills. You’ll have a role-specific interview with Luke Merrett from our Backend team. Finally, a culture contribution interview with Alex Rodrigues, our Head of Infrastructure. We aim to complete the process by the end of February.


Our perks and benefits are tailored to foster personal and professional growth:

Work remotely from anywhere, without location restrictions. Design your schedule, working no more than 40 hours per week. Competitive pay based on skills and location. Opportunities for personal projects and attending conferences. Annual company-wide retreats and coworking space coverage. Monthly budgets for work-related apps, services, and equipment. Generous time off, parental leave, and health and wellness investments.

All applicant data is handled securely through our Applicant Tracking System, Workable, used solely for recruitment purposes. For more details on data handling, refer to our recruitment privacy notice or contact us at