Backend Engineer, Ranking & Personalization

May 13, 2024

Job Description

Constructor is the driving force behind product search and discovery for major global retailers such as Sephora and Petco. Our platform handles billions of requests daily, potentially impacting your shopping experiences without you even realizing it. What sets us apart is our dedication to metrics rather than just features. We’ve completely reimagined search and discovery as a machine learning challenge with the ultimate aim of enhancing metrics such as revenue.

Over the past two years, we’ve experienced exponential growth, serving clients across various eCommerce sectors worldwide and supporting multiple languages. Our team comprises passionate technologists who relish problem-solving and strive to enhance the lives of both our customers and colleagues. We uphold values such as empathy, openness, and continuous improvement, and we thrive on impactful metrics.

Within our Data Science and Engineering division, the Ranking & Personalization team is pivotal in implementing algorithms that optimize business KPIs like revenue and conversions. We prioritize metrics over features, equipping our ranking algorithms with robust capabilities tailored to our customers’ needs.

As part of this cross-functional team, you’ll work alongside ML, backend, frontend engineers, and designers on various projects. Your role will involve leveraging cutting-edge analytical, engineering, and machine learning techniques on vast datasets to refine and scale our search algorithms. Our team oversees all aspects of product ranking for Search, Browse, and Autocomplete experiences, encompassing base ranking, ML ranking, personalization, and ranking explanation.

One of our key services is the ML Ranking Service, a high-load distributed REST service deployed in the cloud and primarily developed in Python. Challenges in this role include designing, delivering, and maintaining high-load real-time web services in collaboration with fellow engineers, optimizing service performance, and ensuring stability.

Requirements for this role include experience in designing, developing, and maintaining high-load distributed real-time services in the cloud, proficiency in Infrastructure as Code tools like CloudFormation or Terraform, hands-on experience with CI/CD pipelines, proficiency in Python, and familiarity with compiled languages like C, Rust, or Go. Soft skills such as collaboration, communication, and a passion for learning are also essential.

Benefits include unlimited vacation time, competitive compensation including stock options, remote work opportunities, provision of Apple laptops, training and development budget, parental leave, and the chance to work with a talented team driving meaningful impact. Additionally, there’s a company retreat to the Canary Islands for those who join the team before August 1st.