Backend Software Engineer I

Job Description

Here are some commonly asked questions about our Engineering team. For more details, visit our engineering careers page.

Our Software Engineers:

  • Write scalable and performant code using TypeScript, React, NestJS, and Node. Our services utilize MongoDB and Postgres.
  • Develop efficient and reusable components and utilities for web and mobile application development.
  • Create robust, reliable, and user-friendly software features for both internal teams and our customers.
  • Execute the full software development life cycle, including problem definition, design, development, testing, demonstration, and production support.
  • Work entirely remotely as part of a globally distributed team with no physical headquarters.

We Might be a Good Fit If:

  • You enjoy the speed and agility of startups, having experience working at one or more, possibly including your own.
  • You have experience developing top-tier mobile and web apps and supporting them in production.
  • Engaging with customers and leading projects to improve their experience excites you.
  • You thrive on solving technical problems in a low-structure, high-ownership environment, but also communicate progress regularly to your team.

Perks of Working with Us:

  • Do meaningful work in healthcare, assisting customers who need it.
  • Work on a product with strong market fit and a backlog of validated customer problems. If you build it, they will use it.
  • Enjoy fully remote work with no commutes. We have been remote from day one, so there’s no “back-to-office” plan.
  • Benefit from a globally remote work environment that values asynchronous communication, a flexible personal schedule, and unlimited paid time off.

Our Interview Process:

Our interview process is designed to reflect the typical work engineers do daily. We avoid deceptive questions, obscure topics, and academic puzzles. You don’t need to revisit your algorithm textbooks or practice Leetcode problems. We hire engineers across the stack and tailor interview questions to your expertise.

The interview process generally includes the following steps, though the order may vary based on availability:

  • Woven Asynchronous Assessment
  • Technical Screening
  • Code Interview (~1 hour)
  • Technical Deep-Dive
  • Two Code Interviews (~1 hour each)
  • System Design Interview (~1 hour)
  • Hiring Manager Interview (~1 hour)

You will receive detailed information about the interview formats and what to expect, including preparation tips and sample problems, beforehand.