Business Analyst

April 30, 2024

Job Description, often dubbed the Uber of maids, originated in Dubai back in 2009 with the ambitious goal of modernizing the home care sector through technology-driven solutions.

Boasting a workforce exceeding 10,000 employees, holds the distinction of being the largest provider of domestic services in the region, securing its place among the top 10 companies in the UAE. prioritizes enhancing client and employee experiences by integrating software automation across all facets of its operations. Our workforce comprises top-tier talent from around the globe, provided with ample resources for success. Our work environment fosters collaboration, emphasizes results, and embraces flexibility. Over half of our employees work remotely, leveraging cutting-edge technological platforms for seamless collaboration. Employee well-being is central to our company ethos. We offer personalized care, highly competitive compensation packages, and a plethora of non-monetary perks. Additionally, we champion career development through mentorship, advancement opportunities, recognition, and empowerment.

We are constantly seeking skilled Business and Data Analysts to join our dynamic team at!


  • Address business challenges by comprehensively analyzing relevant data and devising automated solutions.
  • Develop new websites, applications, and features to acquire new clients and enhance retention rates.
  • Utilize analytics and BI tools like Tableau and Mixpanel to delve into customer behavior, track KPIs, and unearth trends for informed decision-making and strategy optimization.
  • Apply strategic statistical techniques, data modeling, and predictive analysis.
  • Design workflows and mockup screens, employing advanced data visualization methods and wireframing to communicate solutions effectively.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, or any field showcasing exceptional quantitative analytics skills.
  • Final-year university students or recent graduates are encouraged to apply.
  • Strong desire to leverage quantitative expertise for data manipulation and management.


What You’ll Receive:

  • Practical exposure to statistical analysis, AB testing, intricate data pattern recognition, advanced communication tools, and an enriching learning environment in a forward-thinking, tech-driven setting.
  • A culture of perpetual experimentation, a penchant for agility, and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Performance-driven compensation structure with rapid advancement for high achievers; decisive action on underperformers.

Roles may encompass responsibilities typically associated with:

  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Consultant
  • Management Consultant