Coordinator Donor Advised and Pooled Funds at Global Greengrants Fund

Job Description

The Global Greengrants Fund (GGF) aids grassroots activists and civil society groups globally in tackling environmental and social justice issues across 160 countries. GGF operates through a participatory model, distributing grants to grassroots organizations via regional and thematic advisory boards, global networks, and partner funds to support their initiatives.

Comprising two entities, Global Greengrants Fund Inc (established 1993) and Global Greengrants Fund UK (established 2012), both organizations collaborate closely, sharing a grantmaking program and strategic leadership.

In 2024, GGF is in the midst of a strategic journey, prioritizing values like diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as organizational well-being, while rediscovering its identity and potential after three decades of operation. Experiencing significant growth recently, GGF aims to expand its grantmaking, advocacy, and partnerships, fostering a globally connected learning environment and evolving its culture toward greater collaboration and self-direction, termed as its transformative journey.

The current vacancy at GGF seeks an enthusiastic individual to provide comprehensive administrative and operational support for Donor Advised Funds (DAF) and Pooled Funds. This role entails coordinating with various departments, especially programs, grants, finance, and operations, to ensure strategic success and daily operations for the pooled funds. Responsibilities include client request tracking, data management, grants and contract administration, and serving as a primary point of contact for DAF grantees. The Coordinator will contribute to program enhancement, strategic planning, and fostering collaboration between GGF and its fund partners.

Applicants should possess significant experience in similar nonprofit roles, particularly in development, environmental justice, or funding organizations, with expertise in managing agreements, program relationships, and nonprofit grant accounting. Strong administrative, organizational, and interpersonal skills are essential, along with proficiency in English and adaptability to a virtual work environment.

Candidates should align with GGF’s core values and mission, demonstrating commitment to inclusivity and equity. Applications, comprising a CV and a cover letter, should be sent to by June 9th, 2024. While candidates fitting the described profile are encouraged to apply, GGF welcomes all interested individuals to inquire or apply, regardless of exact fit.