Director, Product Design at Atlan

May 30, 2024

Job Description

At Atlan, we are dedicated to empowering data teams to achieve their best work. We believe that increased productivity and agility in data teams can lead to remarkable achievements, from advancing space exploration to potentially curing cancer. Every member of Atlan is committed to delivering the best customer and user experience for data professionals.

As a Design Manager, you will be responsible for building and scaling a high-performing design team, shaping Atlan’s design vision, and ensuring our products are intuitive, delightful, and user-centric.

Your Mission at Atlan

  • Lead and nurture a talented team of designers, promoting a culture of creativity, collaboration, and professional growth.
  • Collaborate with product managers and engineers to define product vision, translate user needs into design solutions, and drive product roadmaps.
  • Deeply understand the domain, users, and technology of the product areas you work on, and maintain a broad understanding of the overall product.
  • Participate in customer calls and work with the UX Research team to conduct user interviews, identifying areas for product and strategy improvement, and mentoring other designers in conducting and communicating their research.
  • Work with the Product Management team to identify, define, and solve complex user experience issues within your pods.
  • Participate in recruiting efforts, including portfolio reviews and whiteboard challenges, and contribute to hiring assets, establishing Atlan’s design team brand in the community.
  • Own and refine the design process from concept to delivery, ensuring high standards of craft and quality in Atlan’s user experience.
  • Engage in design critique sessions, mentor other designers, and share your expertise and experience.
  • Identify process inefficiencies and take initiatives to enhance Atlan’s product development process.
  • Promote and improve the design culture within Atlan.

What Makes You a Match for Us

  • You have a passion for continuous learning and can quickly grasp complex domain-related concepts. Familiarity with databases, querying, and lineage will be essential. A background in Computer Science or a solid understanding of the data ecosystem is a plus.
  • You have at least 12 years of experience designing and shipping consumer-grade enterprise products or complex web applications that are well-received by users and customers. Experience in the data domain is advantageous.
  • Your portfolio demonstrates your product design and strategy skills from concept to visual design execution.
  • You have experience managing and scaling design teams and enjoy enhancing processes, culture, and team rituals to build a world-class design team.
  • You possess strong critical thinking skills, able to break down complex, ambiguous problems and determine effective solutions.
  • You communicate effectively and can work independently, which is crucial in a remote setup.
  • You take end-to-end ownership, driven to do what’s right for the end users without waiting for instructions or guidelines.

What the Role Offers

  • A collaborative environment with talented, driven, and humble colleagues focused on creating the best experience for data teams worldwide.
  • Freedom to work remotely from anywhere.
  • Full ownership of the end-user experience at Atlan, impacting a product that aims to be the home for data teams, similar to how Figma serves design teams and GitHub serves engineering teams.
  • A company that values its culture highly, offering books, learning recommendations, knowledge-sharing sessions, and pet pictures in dedicated Slack channels.