Director, Product Design

May 12, 2024

Job Description

As a key member of our Design team, the Director of Product Design will spearhead the strategic direction and creative vision for design across all our products. We’re seeking a dynamic individual who possesses strong leadership skills, a passion for design, and extensive industry expertise. Your role involves nurturing and empowering a high-performing design team, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. You’ll adeptly handle challenging conversations and mentor team members, offering constructive feedback to enhance performance amidst daily design hurdles.

Your responsibilities include generating unique user experience insights to drive innovative designs for Newsela, as well as identifying opportunities to enhance user satisfaction both visually and through measurable outcomes. Independently, you’ll conceptualize, execute, and validate high-quality end-to-end products, collaborating closely with our product team to devise short-term design strategies that align with our business objectives and client needs. Furthermore, you’ll collaborate with various stakeholders to introduce new product features and refine user experiences based on feedback, ensuring that the customer’s voice remains central to our product development efforts.

This role offers the opportunity to shape the design strategy and vision across Newsela’s product lineup. You’ll join a vibrant team with opportunities for virtual and on-site gatherings throughout the year. Working alongside skilled Product Designers and User Researchers, you’ll play a pivotal role in shaping our features and products, ultimately impacting our customer-focused team dedicated to enhancing the teacher and student experience, thereby advancing Newsela’s mission of delivering engaging, culturally relevant learning content to K-12 classrooms nationwide.

Your qualifications make you an ideal fit for this role. With over 3 years of experience leading design teams and a minimum of 7 years in product design, you possess a track record of implementing scalable organizational structures and creative processes. Your proficiency in a range of design prototyping tools and methods, coupled with deep expertise in key areas such as UX/UI design, human behavior understanding, and design thinking, sets you apart. You excel in cross-functional collaboration, effectively guiding designers and stakeholders through every phase of the design process. Your strong communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills make you adept at engaging with executives and updating design frameworks to meet evolving customer and internal needs.

This role offers a competitive base compensation of $160,000+, along with incentive stock options, bonuses, and benefits, with potential adjustments based on your experience.