Engineering Manager, Code Security Analysis at Lacework

May 18, 2024

Job Description

At Lacework, we aim to foster an inclusive and collaborative atmosphere where individuals are encouraged to excel in their professional journeys. Our team thrives on tackling intricate challenges, embracing innovative thinking, and meticulously ensuring accuracy in every detail. With a passion for our mission, we take pride in safeguarding cloud and container environments for a global user base.

The Lacework Code Security platform empowers developers by allowing them to scan their code repositories, preemptively identifying potential security misconfigurations based on best practices before deployment. By minimizing security vulnerabilities during the development phase, our platform effectively reduces the expenses associated with rectifying issues in production. We prioritize delivering actionable insights to rectify highlighted issues, continuously expanding our support for recommended best practices. Our goal is to ensure a secure and dependable application deployment experience, pushing security measures as early as possible in the DevOps lifecycle.

About the Role:

  • Lead a team of engineers in implementing and deploying the Lacework Code Security platform as part of our Shift Left Initiative.
  • Act as a player/coach within the team, facilitating solutions that add value for our customers while supporting team needs.
  • Establish robust and adaptable build and test automation pipelines to uphold CI/CD practices and extensive test automation.
  • Collaborate closely with engineering, product management, and customer-facing teams to outline a charter and roadmap that balances external and internal perspectives, emphasizing both tactical and strategic solutions.
  • Collaborate with platform and infrastructure engineering to enhance Lacework product agility and quality, facilitating rapid CI/CD and infrastructure-as-code implementations for automated testing to production delivery.

About You:

  • Possess 5+ years of experience in managing engineering teams.
  • Have 10+ years of hands-on involvement in customer-facing product development.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in cloud computing and SaaS software deployment.
  • Exhibit strong knowledge of SaaS deployments, microservices, and relational databases.
  • Showcase expertise in designing for scalability, performance, and reliability.
  • Familiarity with modern cloud deployment models, including containers, object stores, and access management systems.
  • Hold a BS or MS in Computer Science or a related field.

We are a dynamic, close-knit team, inviting you to join us and contribute to the growth of three of the fastest-growing enterprise software markets: cloud, security, and machine learning.

Salary Range: $220k – $250k USD Annually + Benefits + Bonus + Equity Actual compensation may vary based on factors such as geographic location, work experience, education/training, and skill level.