Full Stack Engineer

Job Description

Minware endeavors to streamline software development by aiding engineers in producing higher quality code, thus reducing waste. Through post-writing code analysis, we assist individuals in refining their practices. Founded by Kevin Borders, who successfully grew a previous venture to $86 million in revenue before its sale in 2021, minware aims to share the insights gained from scaling an engineering team from inception to 40 members.

As a self-funded startup in its seed stage, minware has garnered promising initial customer interest and is now seeking like-minded individuals to expand its reach.

The Role: Joining as an early engineer offers a distinctive chance to collaborate directly with minware’s founders in building the product from scratch. We seek individuals enthusiastic about full-stack development, eager to delve into new technologies, particularly React, GraphQL, and Next.js, integral to constructing our primary analytics platform.

We’re in search of an ambitious, congenial engineer with a track record of independently executing intricate projects and crafting scalable, maintainable software. Given our focus on developer productivity analytics, a commitment to process efficiency and code quality is paramount. While we’re a small team, we prioritize minimizing technical debt and are eager for someone to guide us in this endeavor.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Autonomously plan, implement, and test features within the minware application.
  • Collaborate closely with product managers and customers to shape minware’s capabilities.
  • Conceptualize and construct new system components.
  • Oversee a backlog of tech debt reduction and internal efficiency enhancements.
  • (Optional) Participate in interviews and contribute to the engineering team’s expansion.


  • Proficiency in building and maintaining intricate full-stack applications.
  • Familiarity with best practices in code quality, encompassing continuous integration, declarative, and functional programming.
  • Effective communication skills for engaging with non-technical stakeholders and occasionally customers.
  • Proficient in agile or lean planning and project management methodologies.
  • Prior experience with the core stack (Postgres, Next.js, Apollo GraphQL, React) or analogous technologies is preferred.
  • Competence in infrastructure (AWS, Terraform) and UI (HTML, CSS, Figma) is beneficial, though not obligatory.

Benefits and Perks:

  • Competitive base salary, bonus, and equity compensation at the seed stage.
  • Fully remote work, flexible hours, and unlimited vacation policy, inspired by our successful all-remote company background.
  • Comprehensive health care coverage for you and your family.
  • Personalized career development guidance reporting directly to the founder/CEO.