Full Stack Software Engineer

Job Description

Craft efficient and scalable code using a tech stack comprising Typescript, React, NestJS, and Node, with MongoDB and Postgres databases. Create reusable components and tools to drive the development of web and mobile applications. Ensure the software features you develop are robust, dependable, and user-friendly for both internal teams and customers. Manage the entire software development lifecycle, from problem definition to design, implementation, testing, demoing, and supporting production use. Work remotely on a globally dispersed team with no physical headquarters.

You might find our team appealing if you thrive in fast-paced startup environments and have experience in building top-tier mobile and web applications, along with monitoring and maintaining them in live environments. Engaging with customers and leading projects to enhance their experiences excites you. You enjoy delving into technical challenges in a dynamic environment while maintaining open communication with your team.

Joining us offers the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in healthcare, addressing validated customer needs with a product that has strong market fit. Enjoy the benefits of fully remote work without commutes, flexible schedules, and unlimited paid time off, thanks to our globally remote setup.

Our interview process mirrors real-world engineering tasks without resorting to trick questions or academic puzzles. We value practical skills over theoretical knowledge, tailoring interview questions to match your strengths across the stack. The process includes asynchronous assessments, technical screenings, code and system design interviews, and discussions with hiring managers, with ample information and support provided beforehand.