Head of Data Engineering

Job Description

Realiste AI stands as a trailblazer in the real estate investment arena, holding a distinctive global position. Our innovative product is driving rapid expansion, earning comparisons to the “Google of real estate investments.”

The Realiste platform simplifies real estate investments for both private and institutional investors worldwide. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, it assesses and prioritizes investment opportunities based on various factors including projected ROI, growth projections, and market dynamics.

We present an exclusive selection of real estate properties sourced from institutional sellers such as developers, banks, funds, and corporations. While our primary focus is on residential properties, we particularly highlight new developments for their suitability in online transactions.

Originating in the UAE, we are now venturing into new markets, armed with real estate data from over 110 cities worldwide, marking the imminent expansion of our platform.

Our Approach:

At Realiste, innovation, data-driven solutions, and client satisfaction take precedence. We empower our employees with the autonomy to innovate, experiment, and devise their own workflows. Comprehensive training ensures adeptness in swiftly closing deals. With a globally dispersed team, we are adept at remote collaboration and communication.

Role Overview:

As the Data Analytics Team Lead, you will collaborate with a team to:

  • Develop and maintain geo-spatial and real estate analytics assets.
  • Establish and manage scalable data analytics pipelines and ETL processes.
  • Handle structured and semi-structured data from various sources, converting them into valuable insights.
  • Cultivate expertise in real estate data, acting as a reliable resource for other teams.
  • Create internal reporting mechanisms for team utilization.
  • Identify and explore new data sources to enrich understanding of the real estate market.

Note: This position primarily concentrates on data analytics and reporting, rather than machine learning and AI.

Required Skills & Experience:

To excel in this role, you should possess:

  • Leadership experience in guiding data engineering teams.
  • Competence in reporting functions or ETL utilizing on-premise databases or cloud platforms.
  • Proficiency in SQL, data transformation, and managing data pipelines, with a track record of dealing with extensive, intricate datasets.
  • Strong English language proficiency, both verbal and written.
  • Familiarity with big data analytics tools like Apache Spark, Databricks, BigQuery, etc.
  • Knowledge of data workflow tools such as Knime, Alteryx, RapidMiner, IBM Modeller, etc.
  • Familiarity with data analytics packages.
  • Understanding or experience in geo-spatial analytics.
  • Aptitude in statistics for discerning valuable insights amid data noise.

What We Offer:

  • Competitive compensation exceeding market standards, subject to negotiation based on experience.
  • Company shares, enabling investment in the company’s future and personal growth.
  • Swift career progression opportunities within our dynamic team.
  • Covered accommodation and medical insurance in Dubai.
  • Office meals, weekly corporate events, and a vibrant team culture.

For this role, relocation to Dubai is encouraged, where our core team and company founders are currently based. However, exceptional candidates may be considered for remote or semi-remote arrangements. We seek individuals committed to our mission of nurturing a new unicorn.

Company Principles and Culture:

  • Client interests take precedence; our success hinges on theirs.
  • Our AI empowers clients, enhancing returns while mitigating risks.
  • Act in the company’s interests above personal interests.
  • Foster a positive culture by avoiding collaboration with individuals who shirk accountability.
  • Ensure positive unit economics.
  • Proactively prevent downtime.
  • Uphold equality, irrespective of age, religion, orientation, nationality, or political affiliation.
  • Every employee is a shareholder, with share allocation based on exemplary performance, and opportunities for purchasing shares at a special price.

To Initiate the Process:

  1. Apply for the position.
  2. Upon referral to the onboarding page, complete the form accurately and fulfill the onboarding tasks diligently.