Head of Marketing

Job Description

Risk Labs serves as the cornerstone and primary team tasked with advancing the UMA and Across protocol ecosystems. UMA, or Universal Market Access, operates an optimistic oracle (OO) that can securely record any verifiable information onto a blockchain. Its purpose lies in providing blockchains with a reliable source of real-world data, thereby enabling trustless recording of any verifiable truth on-chain. Across, on the other hand, functions as a cross-chain bridge for layer 2 solutions and rollups, leveraging UMA’s optimistic oracle for security. Across aims to unlock the full potential of cryptocurrencies by enhancing blockchain usability, accessibility, and efficiency, with its ultimate vision being the establishment of intents as the standard in cross-chain interoperability, settled by Across.

In this context, we’re seeking a Head of Marketing to assume a crucial role in propelling the success of both UMA and Across. This position entails leading and mentoring a team of 4+ skilled marketing managers, overseeing all facets of marketing operations. With visionary guidance, extensive marketing expertise, and a profound comprehension of the crypto landscape, you’ll formulate data-driven strategies to bolster protocol adoption, elevate brand recognition, and broaden our user base, followership, and token holders. We acknowledge the unique challenges of marketing in the crypto sphere and seek an individual who can think strategically while being hands-on, driving world-class marketing endeavors to amplify the visibility, appeal, and adoption of these intricate protocols.

Responsibilities include defining OKRs/KPIs for individual and team success, devising a comprehensive marketing playbook adaptable to diverse products and markets, establishing efficient execution systems, leveraging data for decision-making, fostering collaboration across teams, managing budgets, advocating for community and marketing efforts, and nurturing a culture of excellence and inclusivity.

We’re looking for candidates with at least 5 years of executive or leadership-level marketing experience, including 2+ years in crypto or a closely related industry. Strong technical acumen, adeptness in conveying complex concepts, familiarity with industry-standard tools and tactics, high EQ, and exceptional communication skills are essential. Compensation includes competitive salaries, token options, meaningful benefits, and a commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.

At Risk Labs, we’re driven by values that prioritize economic freedom, openness, integrity, iterative learning, smart risk-taking, and creating an environment where everyone can excel. We thrive on aligning with the ethos of the crypto industry and are dedicated to making a meaningful impact. If you’re a self-starter, adaptable, and passionate about driving change, Risk Labs offers an environment where you can do your best work, supported by a collaborative and supportive team.