Product Design Lead

April 30, 2024

Job Description

Starting from June 2020, Quora transitioned into a “remote-first” company. This implies that the position is open to individuals worldwide, irrespective of any specific geographical constraints mentioned earlier.

Quora, a platform striving to democratize access to knowledge, recognizes that much of humanity’s wisdom remains untapped outside the internet. Their mission is to bridge this gap by empowering anyone to share and learn across various domains. To achieve this, they are assembling a diverse team dedicated to shaping a global knowledge-sharing ecosystem.

The team’s approach is interdisciplinary, blending expertise from various fields to create systems that incentivize knowledge sharing and facilitate easy exploration. They value diversity and empowerment, enabling team members to contribute to strategic decisions.

The role of a Quora designer is multifaceted, involving strategic thinking and hands-on coding. Product design leads are entrusted with end-to-end responsibility, influencing both the solution and the problem being addressed. Their work is pivotal in driving product strategy, and they collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to implement and validate design decisions.

Responsibilities include leading design efforts within a product team, identifying impactful business opportunities, communicating decisions clearly, fostering team growth, and executing projects autonomously. Designers are expected to streamline UI complexity and possess proficiency in React for implementation.

Minimum qualifications include availability during Quora’s coordination hours, a portfolio showcasing digital design proficiency, at least 5 years of experience in designing and coding complex products, proficiency in front-end technologies like React, and a track record of leading multiple projects to fruition.

Preferred qualifications include experience with design system maintenance and mobile user experience optimization.

Quora emphasizes equal opportunity employment and values diversity across its workforce. Discrimination based on various factors is not tolerated.