Product Management Lead

Job Description

We are seeking an experienced Product Manager to establish the Product Management team at Aptible and lead the vision for our Gridiron product.

This role offers a unique chance to be a significant early member of the Aptible team. Reporting directly to our CTO, you will oversee product vision and the roadmap. You will collaborate across the entire company to drive a unified product strategy, incorporating insights from both internal and external stakeholders. Initially, you will work as an individual contributor, with the potential to build a team as the company grows.

About Aptible

The world is increasingly driven by software, powered by the Internet. Developers worldwide are using web-scale technology to create and deploy applications in healthcare, fintech, banking, payments, IoT, blockchain, machine learning, and other B2B sectors.

Security and compliance are crucial for these developer teams from the start, but many struggle due to limited resources or inadequate existing tools. Aptible addresses this by creating user-focused security products that help developer teams integrate security into their architecture and organizational culture. We currently offer two products: Enclave and Gridiron.

Gridiron acts as the QuickBooks + TurboTax for security management, helping developers design and manage security programs that meet standards like HIPAA, SOC 2, and ISO 27001. Customers use Gridiron to build trust and prepare for certifications. Enclave is a container orchestration platform that automates security best practices for deploying and scaling Dockerized apps in regulated industries.

As the Product Management Lead, you will mainly focus on Gridiron but will also contribute to both products and the broader Aptible team.


  • Own the product vision and roadmap: Act as the CEO of the product, ensuring we build the right product by leading at both strategic and tactical levels.
  • Collaborate across teams: Work with Engineering, Growth, Marketing, and Sales to align the product roadmap with the company-wide strategy.
  • Market and competition analysis: Continuously study the market and competitive landscape to inform our product strategy.
  • User research: Conduct interviews with customers, prospects, and others to understand user experience and guide product decisions.

Desired Strengths

  • Product Passion: As the Product Management Lead, you will define the vision for Gridiron with the resources and support needed to create an exceptional product.
  • Customer Empathy: Understand and empathize with our customers’ concerns and challenges to build a product that empowers them to navigate compliance effectively.
  • Communication Skills: Articulate and compelling communication to explain and inspire the product vision across the company.

Other Attributes

  • Ownership Mentality: Take responsibility and initiative, consistently delivering high-quality work.
  • People-Oriented: Thrive in a collaborative environment, fostering trust and information sharing.
  • Love for Learning: Seek out challenges and adapt to change, continually growing professionally.
  • Remote Work Readiness: Comfortable with a fully distributed team, communicating effectively across time zones.
  • Passion for Internet Security: Dedicated to creating a secure Internet and solving complex engineering and regulatory challenges.

Why Aptible

  • Impactful Work: Contribute to making the Internet safe for sensitive data while learning about Security, Compliance, DevOps, and SaaS.
  • Transparency and Investment: Engage deeply with our transparent business strategy and make a long-term impact, supported by excellent investors.
  • Remote Flexibility: Work from anywhere, meeting up twice a year in locations like Barcelona, Mexico, and New York. Next destination: Paris?

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We prioritize diversity and value different perspectives, educational backgrounds, and life experiences. We encourage people from underrepresented backgrounds to apply.