Project Administrator (Remote) – US hours

June 23, 2024

Job Description


Our client, based in the US and operating in the Construction & Real Estate sector, is seeking a remote Project Coordinator to support their various Construction Project Teams.

This role requires working US hours: 14:00 – 23:00 SA time, Monday to Friday. Candidates must have an excellent remote work setup and uninterrupted internet access.

Role Summary:

The Project Coordinator is crucial in ensuring the smooth execution of projects by managing logistical components, updating project statuses, and identifying potential conflicts. They support the Project Manager by coordinating project-specific tasks, such as scheduling vendors and communicating with local authorities. The role involves frequent communication with Project Managers, maintaining project schedules, and keeping software tools updated daily. They also review project-related emails for proper documentation.

The Project Coordinator collaborates with departments such as Estimating, Purchasing, Vendor Management, and Bookkeeping, maintaining good relationships with external vendors. They oversee and delegate administrative tasks to Project Administrators.

Job Objective:

The Project Coordinator’s goal is to support the Project Manager and ensure all schedules and tasks are organized and up-to-date, working with PMs across multiple markets simultaneously.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Communicate with Project Managers to provide project overviews and status updates.
  • Delegate administrative tasks to Project Administrators and manage their work.
  • Identify potential conflicts and alert PMs.
  • Enter tasks into system software for PMs when they are in the field.
  • Ensure the team is aware of approaching deadlines.
  • Conduct Pre-Con calls for each project.
  • Prepare GC-scopes for projects.
  • Run daily calls with PMs to review schedules and make adjustments.
  • Review schedules daily for efficiency and address conflicts with PMs.
  • Prepare detailed change orders for review with the Operations Manager.
  • Submit change orders in the client’s system.
  • Schedule vendors as requested by PMs.
  • Onboard new vendors and ensure proper paperwork.
  • Handle permitting needs.
  • Review and submit vendor invoices to Accounts Payable.
  • Review weekly vendor payable reports with PMs and approve payments.
  • Communicate efficiently with client personnel, responding within 4 hours.
  • Develop strong relationships with client contacts.
  • Review project expenses weekly to ensure they are on budget.
  • Perform project close-out tasks, including final photo reviews and documentation.
  • Direct billing tasks to Project Administrators and manage them to ensure fast billing and payment.
  • Ensure Bookkeeping has proper approval and change order documentation.
  • Monitor communication channels and document/address needs.
  • Manage projects in the system to ensure 100% accuracy.

Success Factors:

Effective support of Project Managers, delegation, and management of Project Administrators to increase capacity. Maintaining an updated and accurate system, enabling efficient project progression and portfolio growth.

  • Project Managers receive full support.
  • Project schedules are accurate and up-to-date daily.
  • Project Administrators are fully utilized to increase capacity.
  • Tasks and messages are timely updated.


  • Reports to the Operations Manager
  • Takes project direction from PMs


  • Experience in a similar role within the Construction Industry is required.