Remote Client Data Solutions & Implementation Manager

May 6, 2024

Job Description

Here’s a rephrased version:

“We’re developing a cutting-edge finance platform focused on metrics-first approach, empowering B2B SaaS leaders to comprehend and articulate their business narratives through numerical insights.

Your role with us involves being the primary contact for new Subscript customers, guiding them through intricate data-driven setups. You’ll assist in connecting them to their data sources, ensuring data cleanliness and validity within Subscript, and performing analyses tailored to maximize value.

Joining as the fourth member of our Data Solutions team, you’ll contribute to shaping the role’s evolution as we expand. You’ll collaborate closely with our co-founders, Sidharth Kakkar and Michelle Lee, who bring prior experience from Freckle Education, a successfully exited B2B SaaS venture.

As an early team member, you’ll wield significant influence in molding various aspects of our organization. You’ll enjoy considerable autonomy in refining and iterating on processes to benefit both our customers and internal teams.

Our Work Culture:

  • Fully remote setup, allowing flexibility in location and time zones.
  • Asynchronous operations sans scheduled internal meetings, emphasizing written and recorded video communications.
  • Complete autonomy in task execution, with transparent context provided for aligning efforts with company goals.
  • Strong team camaraderie, including synchronous activities like board games and periodic live offsites worldwide.
  • Competitive compensation reflecting market standards, supported by funding from First Round Capital and high-growth B2B SaaS Angels.

Interview Process:

Our process revolves around assessing your analytical intuition and clear communication skills, aligning with our asynchronous communication style.

  • Evaluation involves a data simulation akin to real customer scenarios, with opportunities for clarification.
  • Demonstrating written communication prowess through critical customer onboarding documentation creation.
  • Leading a mock kick-off call with a new Subscript customer, utilizing the created document.


  • Ideal candidates possess a passion for data analysis and communication, serving as strategic advisors to customers.
  • Essential skills include proficient spreadsheet usage, SQL knowledge, and an affinity for data cleanliness.
  • Desirable skills encompass experience with APIs, fluency in JSON syntax, Python proficiency, and familiarity with B2B SaaS models.
  • Additionally, candidates should exhibit kindness, empathy, and effective communication, both externally with customers and internally within team discussions.