Remote Financial Management Specialist, Realiste AI

Job Description

Realiste AI stands at the forefront of innovation in real estate investment, holding a distinctive global position. Our groundbreaking platform, often likened to the “Google of real estate investments,” propels our rapid growth.

Our platform, powered by cutting-edge AI algorithms, simplifies real estate investments for both individual and institutional investors worldwide. It assesses and ranks investment opportunities based on projected returns, growth projections, and market dynamics.

We curate an exclusive selection of real estate properties from various institutional sellers, including developers, banks, funds, and corporations. While our primary focus is on residential properties, we particularly highlight new developments for their suitability in online transactions.

Originating in the UAE, we are expanding into new markets with data spanning over 110 cities globally, signaling imminent growth.

Work Culture:

At Realiste, we champion innovation, data-driven solutions, and customer satisfaction. We empower our employees to innovate and develop their own workflows. Comprehensive training ensures our team is adept at swiftly closing deals, and our remote work setup fosters seamless collaboration.


Join our team and undertake the following tasks:

  • Secure financial backing from banks and funds for real estate projects.
  • Collaborate with developers to accelerate project timelines and secure Realiste commissions through effective communication and document management.
  • Maintain accounts receivable to a minimum of 5% of total volume from developers in the UAE.

Candidate Requirements:

We seek candidates who meet these criteria:

  • Proven experience in B2B credit brokerage, development management, investment attraction, or receivables collection in the UAE.
  • Strong financial acumen and higher education.
  • Minimum 2 years of B2B experience in the UAE with a positive track record.
  • Fluency in English and Russian.

Job Details:

As part of our team, you’ll enjoy:

  • Competitive salary of 10,000 AED.
  • Opportunities for career growth based on performance.
  • One-month probation period.
  • Location: Dubai.
  • Possibility of stock options after six months of successful work.

If you’re ready to contribute to our mission of streamlining collaboration with real estate developers and securing funding from financial institutions, we encourage you to apply.

Company Values:

  • Client-centric approach, prioritizing their interests.
  • Leveraging AI for enhanced investment outcomes.
  • Acting in the company’s best interests.
  • Promoting a positive and inclusive work culture.
  • Ensuring positive unit economics.
  • Proactively minimizing downtime.
  • Equal treatment for all employees.
  • Employee ownership based on performance.