Remote Head of Partnerships

Job Description

SafetyWing (YC W18) is in search of an innovative Head of Partnerships to elevate our Partnerships growth channel for Nomad Insurance and Nomad Health products.

Collaborations with affiliates and content creators have played a pivotal role in the remarkable expansion of SafetyWing since our inaugural product launch in 2019.

Our internally developed influencer program, crafted in alignment with our core values of authenticity and simplicity, has emerged as the most crucial growth channel, contributing to over 35% of sales.

In this role, you will oversee a team of Partnership Managers, working closely with the General Manager and Chief Revenue Officer to realize objectives.

Your duties will entail:

  • Leading and nurturing a team of Partnership and Sponsorship Managers, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary support and guidance to achieve program expansion goals. Establishing clear performance benchmarks and fostering continuous learning and enhancement.
  • Formulating a robust strategy to elevate the ambassador program from 1,100 to 2,000 active influencers by the close of 2024, employing iterative enhancements and funnel techniques.
  • Continuously refining growth strategies to broaden the ambassador network, employing a funnel approach to identify and rectify bottlenecks, enhancing overall efficiency and growth.
  • Proposing and experimenting with various scaling strategies to identify the most effective methods for rapidly expanding the ambassador program.
  • Ensuring the affiliate marketing team attains its targets through strategic direction, comprehensive reporting, and proactive issue resolution.
  • Cultivating improved relationships with key partners to unlock their growth potential.

We seek someone who:

  • Possesses a demonstrated track record and extensive expertise in the partnerships domain.
  • Exhibits a profound comprehension of influencer marketing dynamics and partnership development, alongside a thorough grasp of contemporary trends and strategies.
  • Brings forth a successful history of managing and significantly expanding an affiliate or ambassador program, with an emphasis on innovative growth strategies and quantifiable outcomes.
  • Can adeptly motivate and lead a team of Partnership and Sponsorship Managers, fostering a culture centered on high performance, continual learning, and astute planning.
  • Embraces a “go-getter attitude”: an entrepreneurial mindset inclined towards creative problem-solving and independent work.

We appreciate working with individuals who:

  • Aspire to contribute to the establishment of a global social safety net on the Internet.
  • Possess independent thinking capabilities, eschewing imitation in favor of originality.
  • Are open to experimenting with new approaches, even in the face of potential failure.
  • Display intellectual curiosity and receptiveness to novel ideas.
  • Exhibit creativity and audacity when confronting challenges.
  • Uphold strong integrity and a commitment to ethical conduct.

What we offer:

We operate within a fully remote work environment, allowing you to work from any location globally.

You will receive competitive salary and equity compensation, premium health insurance applicable in most countries worldwide, travel insurance, a laptop, an office stipend, a minimum of four weeks of annual vacation, and a personal development budget.

Additionally, we organize remarkable annual team gatherings; previous locations include Ljubljana, San Francisco, Mexico, Bali, and Siglufjörður.

We eagerly await your application!