Remote Lead Backend Developer

June 7, 2024

Job Description

OperateBeyond, a rapidly expanding tech firm, specializes in crafting exceptional user experiences and robust technology within the non-auto vehicle software sector. Our success hinges on collaborative teamwork and a profound appreciation for each team member’s skills and unique viewpoints.

In our quest for a PHP Developer, we’re seeking more than just technical prowess. We want a backend virtuoso who’s ventured into diverse project landscapes. The ideal candidate is adept at system integrations, database management, and exhibits an eagerness to delve into user experience realms to shape remarkable products.

Here’s a glimpse into what your typical day might entail:

  • Engage in daily team meetings, offering support to fellow developers.
  • Aid developers in overcoming obstacles and liaise with the product department via calls.
  • Collaborate with devops for seamless version releases.
  • Navigate through a spectrum of technologies and platforms, including PHP, ZF2, ZF1, Laravel, ElasticSearch, MySQL, Vue.js, jQuery, and potentially more.
  • Work closely with product managers and technical leads, crafting detailed use cases and testing conditions.
  • Contribute to analysis endeavors, proposing solutions, integration points, and implementation architectures to enhance business usability, scalability, and performance.
  • Provide guidance through code reviews, solution designs, and suggested training and development strategies.
  • Craft unit tests, specs, integration tests, and UI tests, advocating for advanced development practices that elevate solution craftsmanship, availability, resilience, and scalability.

We believe you’ll thrive in our environment if you:

  • Possess a fervent interest in staying abreast of tech trends, experimenting with new technologies, and actively participating in tech communities.
  • Demonstrate flexibility, agility, dependability, and responsiveness amidst dynamic project landscapes, prioritizing adaptability over rigid protocols.
  • Champion the principles of thorough testing, comprehensive documentation, and seamless collaboration in application development.
  • Exhibit outstanding communication and reasoning skills, capable of advocating for technology choices while valuing diverse perspectives and pursuing optimal solutions.
  • Embrace a positive yet pragmatic outlook, willingly tackling any task that propels our products or company forward.

To signal your thorough reading of the job post (#RMTAzLjE5Ny4yNDkuMjUz), kindly include the words “BASKET NAPKIN VETERAN” in your application. This measure helps deter spam applicants, ensuring genuine human engagement.

Salary and Compensation: $70,000 — $150,000/year