Remote Marketing Automation SaaS + Services Line of Business Owner

Job Description

If you excel at overseeing the growth and expansion of a business segment focused on empowering long-term subscribers to develop and manage tech-driven enterprises seamlessly, you could be an ideal fit for our role as Marketing Automation and Practice Management Business Unit Manager (SaaS Stack Product Owner).You would orchestrate a suite of readily available technologies, such as inbound digital marketing automation and business management tools, tailored to effectively serve our specific market niche of subscribers. By doing so, you would equip them with comprehensive resources to streamline their sales, marketing, and service operations. Additionally, you’d oversee the creation and distribution of marketing materials, collaborating with both internal teams and external agencies, to support our subscribers in leveraging our SaaS suite for business growth.Drawing upon your expertise in inbound digital marketing, process automation, technology, and operational efficiency, you’d lead a skilled team adept in system configuration and client management. Your responsibilities would encompass managing the financial performance of this business unit, which generates over $1 million annually, while also driving improvements in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and program innovation, particularly in response to evolving technological trends.