Remote Mentor

June 8, 2024

Job Description

As a Mentor at MentorCruise, you will guide and support individuals pursuing growth in Engineering, AI, Data, Design, or Product Management. Your responsibilities include sharing your expertise, offering insights, and fostering the development of mentees.

Please note that this is an independent vendor agreement. While you will be listed on the MentorCruise marketplace, you won’t be a direct contractor of MentorCruise Inc.


  • Provide personalized mentorship and career advice.
  • Assist mentees in setting and achieving their professional goals.
  • Offer feedback and support through regular meetings.
  • Share industry knowledge and practical experience.


  • Proven experience in your field (Engineering, AI, Data, Design, or Product Management).
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to commit time to mentor 2-3 mentees weekly.
  • Passion for helping others grow and succeed.


  • Flexible mentoring schedule.
  • Opportunity to develop leadership skills.
  • Join a diverse and inspiring community.
  • Monetize your expertise with competitive pay.

Apply today to make a meaningful impact on the careers of future professionals and enhance your leadership capabilities. Please mention the word BENEFICIAL in your application to confirm you’ve read the job post in its entirety (#RMTAzLjE5Ny4yNDkuMjUz). This helps us identify genuine applicants.

Salary and Compensation:

$10,000 — $200,000/year


  • 🌎 Distributed team
  • ⏰ Async
  • 🏖 Unlimited vacation
  • ⬜️ No whiteboard interview
  • 👀 No monitoring system
  • 🚫 No workplace politics
  • 🎅 We hire individuals of all ages