Remote Nest JS Developer

June 6, 2024

Job Description

We are an API aggregator specializing in game-tech and fintech solutions. Our platform enables seamless headless integration, allowing clients to access a wide variety of games and financial services through a single, unified API. We are dedicated to providing innovative, secure, and scalable solutions that help businesses expand their offerings and enhance user experiences. Our mission is to simplify complex integrations and foster growth for our clients in the digital landscape.

Business Requirements

To implement MikroORM support on @nestjs-query, consider the following:

  • The implementation must be fully typed.
  • The implementation must be compatible with the @nestjs-query/graphql package.
  • The implementation must be a standalone package (similar to @nestjs/query/sequelize).

Our Tech Stack and Backend Tools:

🍒 NX monorepo 🍒 Nest.js / Express 🍒 GraphQL Yoga Server / Apollo Playground 🍒 MikroORM

We are Seeking a Backend Developer with the Following Expertise:

  • Proficiency in database relations and SQL.
  • Experience with Nest.js, dynamic module providers, and Node.js ORM.
  • Understanding of API design and development principles.
  • Familiarity with GraphQL and its implementation in a Nest.js environment.

Your Proposal:

Submit a detailed technical plan for implementing MikroORM support on NestJS-Query, emphasizing type safety, GraphQL support, and scalability. Additionally, describing your experience with MikroORM and NestJS-Query, including specific challenges you’ve addressed and how those experiences inform your approach to this project, would be highly valuable.

👉 You must post a proposal for how you will implement the requirements mentioned above. 👉 Your proposal should include a technical explanation of the changes you will make. You are not required to submit the final solution or code with your proposal. 👉 Your proposal will be reviewed. 👉 If your proposal is accepted, you should post it on Upwork, and you will be hired for the job. 👉 AFTER your proposal is accepted on Upwork and you have accepted the offer, access to GitHub will be granted, and you may begin the work. You will create a pull request in our repository to merge your code into our codebase. Include screenshots and confirmation that you have tested the pull request. Our engineers will review the code and approve and merge it when it meets our requirements. Please mention the word WHOLEHEARTEDLY when applying to show you read the job post completely (#RMTAzLjE5Ny4yNDkuMjUz). This ensures we can filter out spam applicants and quickly identify genuine candidates.

Salary and Compensation

$20,000 — $40,000/year