Remote Senior Full-Stack Product Developer

May 8, 2024

Job Description

In this position, you’ll wield substantial authority over your tasks, make impactful decisions daily, and report directly to the founders. This is a full-time remote role accessible to candidates across all time zones.

Your primary responsibilities will involve expanding our product line, addressing operational challenges, and resolving intricate issues within logistics and supply chain management. As one of our initial product appointments, you’ll gain comprehensive insight into the workings of a rapidly expanding SaaS product.

Here’s a breakdown of your daily duties:

  • Independently oversee projects from conceptualization to execution, including task organization in Linear, segmenting PRs into deployable code snippets, conducting testing in staging environments, deploying to production, and monitoring post-deployment app performance.
  • Prioritize and execute timely upgrades in our applications, treating them with the same vigor as new projects to uphold app security and enhance user experience.
  • Aid our exceptional support team by addressing merchant inquiries in Slack and finding effective solutions.
  • Communicate progress effectively and collaborate on issue resolution using digital platforms like Slack and GitHub PRs.
  • Swiftly embrace and implement a product development mindset, recognizing the importance of automated tests in building confidence in your code.
  • Provide support to team members and customers as required. Our team flourishes through mutual assistance and cooperation.
  • Adapt to shifting priorities and manage multiple tasks concurrently.
  • Maintain composure under pressure, particularly when confronted with multiple Rollbar errors, a saturated Sidekiq queue, or alerts of app downtime.
  • Feel comfortable working from home, utilizing Slack as our primary means of communication.


  • 4+ years of experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Proficiency in React, including hooks and context APIs
  • Familiarity with Shopify REST and GraphQL APIs is advantageous
  • Experience with Shopify CLI and Theme app extension development is a plus
  • Some exposure to Rust is beneficial

Our Tech Stack:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • React
  • Shopify’s Polaris design system
  • Redis for caching and background queues
  • Sidekiq for background processing
  • Heroku for application hosting

Who You Are:

Experience is pivotal in this role. We’re keen to understand the depth of your experience with Rails and React as a combined tech stack. Can you provide insights into your past setups of Rails and React projects? Are there specific projects that showcase your skills and capabilities?

We’re particularly interested in your familiarity with Shopify API, Shopify CLI, or GraphQL API. Even if you lack experience with these platforms, we value your expertise in integrations on other platforms. If available, we’d appreciate any public app or API documentation from those platforms.

Beyond technical proficiency, excelling in this role means embodying these core values:

  • Resourcefulness: You are consistently resourceful, always finding solutions to maintain top-quality standards. You know where to seek assistance when confronted with challenges, understanding the importance of mutual support.
  • Ownership: You take full ownership and pride in your work. This entails deeply understanding our users’ needs and comprehending how new features or updates impact them.
  • Communication: You communicate your progress, challenges, checklists, and pull requests effectively, detailing them in Linear or GitHub PR descriptions to keep the team well-informed. Effective communication is vital in our fully remote and asynchronous team setup.