Remote Senior GO Developer

May 5, 2024

Job Description

Swarm represents a decentralized storage and communication service facilitated by a peer-to-peer network of nodes. Its potential extends to shaping a future characterized by a globally self-sovereign society and open markets devoid of permissions. Within Swarm, applications operate independently yet securely across a vast deployment environment.

Bee serves as a foundational component of the Swarm Network, implemented in Go. It furnishes essential tools for file storage, data feeds, key-value storage, and secure communication through robust, thoroughly tested code delivered with agility.

The primary technologies utilized include Go, libp2p, protobuf, leveldb, go-ethereum, and various cryptographic libraries.

Your responsibilities in this role entail developing the reference implementation of Swarm in Go, known as Bee, cultivating expertise in the Swarm incentive layer, ensuring code compliance, delivering meticulously tested code, and conducting comprehensive code reviews.

Ideal candidates possess a strong grasp of distributed systems, familiarity with blockchain principles, experience with libp2p, proficiency in English communication, availability during CET hours, effective time management skills, initiative-taking ability, and remote work capability.

Preferred qualifications include familiarity with Go-Ethereum, Solidity knowledge, active participation in open-source projects, acquaintance with cryptographic concepts, and familiarity with Kubernetes, Grafana, Jaeger, and OpenTracing.

Swarm offers a transparent, remote-friendly work environment with flexible hours and incentives through BZZ, Swarm’s token. Interested individuals are encouraged to submit their CV and GitHub repository to