Remote Senior React Engineer

Job Description

Our JavaScript developers possess strong technical skills and a product-oriented mindset. They prioritize code quality as a strategic investment while also embracing a startup mentality to deliver rapid business value. They drive architectural decisions, mentor colleagues, and stay updated on the latest JavaScript trends. Our tech stack includes React, Typescript, REST/GraphQL, Node.js/Next.js/Express, etc., and we emphasize smart work through automation and dynamic environments. We follow an agile sprint methodology, collaborating closely with business stakeholders to incrementally build and release new features. Most of our projects involve developing new applications, and our teams typically manage products from start to finish. We offer competitive salaries, performance reviews, generous PTO, and various cultural benefits, including a supportive work environment and opportunities for personal and professional growth. If you’re passionate about collaborating with stakeholders, designing architectures, and continuously learning in a diverse and inclusive environment, this role might be perfect for you. Requirements include significant experience in JavaScript, React, and Node.js, advanced English proficiency, and availability during Central European Time core hours. To apply, fill out the form on our website and undergo a series of interviews with our team.