Remote Systems Analyst

June 6, 2024

Job Description

Automation is becoming crucial in today’s world, enhancing businesses’ customer service, employee organization, and error reduction. At Deep Consulting Solutions, we create automation solutions that help small niche companies grow efficiently while maintaining high service quality.

Are you interested in joining a straightforward consultancy that builds successful businesses with effective software solutions? Our Global Software Team seeks Systems Analysts to develop systems that support our clients’ business operations. We need adaptable and organized individuals passionate about software and knowledgeable about system functionalities and integrations.

Our Approach

We work with niche, successful small companies struggling with complex internal operations as they scale. First, we reorganize their processes to improve customer attraction, service, and retention, optimizing internal production for quality and profitability. Next, we develop and implement software solutions to manage the new, improved operations.

Our Software Team creates customized solutions, often including ERP and CRM systems, client and partner web portals, ticketing systems for support, and integrated telephony for sales and customer support. Our goal is to deliver business objectives effectively, using readily available platforms and pre-built components to create functional, simple, and flexible solutions.

Role and Responsibilities

As a Systems Analyst, you’ll be part of our software design team, creating technical requirements to turn solution designs and business needs into reality. You will audit designs for system cohesion and functionality, ensuring that our systems are built and operate correctly. Depending on your experience, you might handle project pieces or lead entire projects. You’ll collaborate with Product Designers, Business Analysts, Developers, and QA Experts.

Key Tasks

  • Review business and design requirements to ensure completeness and correctness.
  • Identify edge cases and logical errors, resolving them with the design team.
  • Define system components, such as entity relationships and integrations.
  • Research system functionalities, identify limitations, and find solutions.
  • Develop detailed technical requirements based on business needs.
  • Ensure successful implementation of the intended solution.
  • Perform additional tasks as needed to achieve results.


Our jobs require commitment to results and responsibility. Candidates must:

  • Understand that activities must produce useful outcomes.
  • Self-organize, self-manage, and make decisions to deliver results.
  • Re-examine methods if current approaches fail.
  • Work hard for success, without expecting instant gratification.
  • Approach tasks rigorously and analytically.

Skills and Experience

  • Experience with successful software implementations in business applications.
  • Understanding of software systems, databases, integrations, and engineering.
  • Ability to learn software systems (CRM, ERP) quickly and apply their functionalities.
  • Strong logical reasoning, analytical skills, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Proactivity and independence in implementing solutions.
  • Good system design and architecture understanding, with effective time management.
  • Proficient verbal and written English for clear communication.

Preferred Experience

  • Familiarity with CRM/ERP systems, programmable telephony, and complex solutions.
  • Experience with highly functional and complex systems.

What We Offer

  • High-Performance Management: Focused on results, rewarding high performers, and eliminating excuses and unnecessary meetings.
  • Results-Based Compensation: Bonuses based on successful projects and results, with a base pay and rewards for exceptional performance.
  • Practical Business Solutions: Designing functional, value-driven applications for clients.
  • Flexible Work: Work from anywhere, without a fixed schedule, as long as results are delivered.
  • Expertise Development: Opportunities to understand industries deeply and apply software effectively in various contexts.
  • Growth Opportunities: Dynamic and growing organization with increasing responsibilities for motivated employees.

Hiring Process

Our selection process objectively assesses candidates’ ability to deliver:

  1. Job Application Form.
  2. Pre-Screening Online Skills Assessment.
  3. Short Interview.
  4. Practical Test Assignment.
  5. Evaluation and Hiring Decision.

Please include the words “ACCESS SPRAY LUNCH” in your application to show you read this job post completely. This helps us identify genuine applicants.

Salary and Compensation

Estimated salary based on similar roles: $60,000 — $120,000/year.