Remote Technical Cofounder(s) for B2B Email Service Provider startup

Job Description

Position: Co-Founder & Lead Developer (Email Service Provider Startup)

About the Opportunity:

We are seeking a talented and experienced individual to join us as a Co-Founder and Lead Developer for an email service provider startup focused on B2B cold emails. As the first technical hire, you will play a pivotal role in building and maintaining the email hosting, sending, and receiving infrastructure, as well as the user-facing web application from concept to production.

About the Founder:

With over 10 years of experience in B2B SaaS, I have held various roles in product and revenue, including being a key contributor at an early-stage startup that achieved a successful exit. I am passionate about delivering quality work while maintaining kindness and integrity, and I am committed to building a sustainable and impactful business.

About You:

You are an experienced software developer with a strong understanding of building web applications and maintaining email infrastructure at scale. Your technical expertise spans from developing responsive and high-performance user interfaces to managing email hosting, sending, and receiving infrastructure. Additionally, you possess empathy, effective communication skills, and a collaborative mindset, aligning with our values of kindness, fairness, transparency, and personal freedom.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain the email hosting, sending, and receiving infrastructure.
  • Lead the development and implementation of the user-facing web application from mockups to MVP and beyond.
  • Deliver responsive, high-performance, and compelling user interfaces.
  • Collaborate with the founder to define the product roadmap and technical strategy.
  • Assume various roles and responsibilities typical of a startup environment, contributing to decision-making and problem-solving across different areas of the business.


  • Proven experience in software development, with a focus on building web applications from mockups to working products.
  • Experience in building and maintaining email infrastructure at scale, including hosting thousands of domains and addresses and sending millions of emails monthly.
  • Strong understanding of web technologies, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, and modern web frameworks.
  • Ability to lead the technical aspects of a startup, including architecture design, implementation, and maintenance.
  • Empathy, effective communication skills, and a collaborative mindset.
  • Business acumen and the ability to contribute to defining the product roadmap and strategy.


  • Opportunity to have a significant impact on a startup focused on B2B cold emails.
  • Equity ownership in the company with equal split assumption, adjusted accordingly.
  • Potential for time and location freedom as the business grows.
  • Meaningful work in a collaborative and values-driven environment.

Application Process:

If you are passionate about building innovative solutions and making a positive impact in the B2B SaaS space, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Please reach out with your resume and a brief introduction outlining your relevant experience and why you are interested in this opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you!