Senior Android & iOS Developer at

May 19, 2024

Job Description

Are you an experienced senior developer seeking a remote position where you can showcase your abilities, earn competitive compensation, and advance your career? Look no further than – the platform that links you with carefully selected startups in the US and Europe.

Here’s what we provide:

  • Respect for your time: no micromanagement or screen tracking.
  • Potential monthly earnings of $5k – $9k, depending on your skills and experience, with over $10M already paid out to our engineers.
  • Flexible work arrangements allowing asynchronous communication and schedule customization.
  • Direct communication with clients, many of whom have technical backgrounds.
  • Comprehensive support from application to project completion.
  • Business-side tasks such as client hunting and rate negotiation handled by us, so you can focus on your expertise.
  • Personalized project matching based on your skills and preferences.
  • Engaging startup environments to keep you motivated.
  • Access to a global community of top developers.

We also engage in staff augmentation with other companies. More details are available here.

We’re seeking:

  • Senior Software Developers
  • Senior+ Software Developers

Requirements include:

  • Proficiency in mobile software development with at least 4 years of experience.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience with iOS (Swift) and Android (Kotlin) development.
  • Strong grasp of the entire mobile development life cycle.
  • Experience publishing apps in app stores.
  • Knowledge of Swift UI and Jetpack Compose is advantageous.
  • Familiarity with cloud providers like AWS/GCP/Azure is beneficial.
  • Excellent English communication skills for client interaction.
  • Strong organizational skills for remote, unsupervised work.
  • Reliability and accountability.
  • Valued soft skills such as clear and effective communication.

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We also have numerous projects for Senior Full-Stack Developers with 4+ years of commercial experience in various domains, including React & Python, React & React Native, React & PHP, Data Engineering, Data Science, AI, Data Engineering & Data Science, or AI & Machine Learning. Apply now for more details.

If your experience aligns with our requirements, here’s what to expect next:

  • A brief VideoAsk session (about 10 minutes).
  • Completion of your me.lemon profile.
  • A 30-minute screening call with our recruiters.
  • Technical interview with our developers.
  • Feedback.
  • Project matching.

Note: We collaborate with developers from 59 countries across Europe, LATAM, Asia, Oceania, Canada, and the UK. However, there are exceptions. Currently, we cannot accept applicants from certain European countries (Belarus, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Kosovo, Russia, Serbia), specific Latin American countries (Cuba, Nicaragua), most Asian countries, and Africa.

Due to the high volume of applications, only suitable candidates will be contacted for interviews. Please ensure your CV is in English, as English applications will be prioritized. Good luck to all applicants!