Senior BI Specialist

May 8, 2024

Job Description

We’re in search of a Senior BI Specialist for one of our clients. If you’re someone who thrives on growth, is passionate about your work, and enjoys innovating to create compelling products, you’re an ideal fit.

Here’s what we’re seeking:

  • At least 5 years of experience in business intelligence and data analytics.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in crafting business intelligence solutions with Microsoft Power BI.
  • Strong command of SQL for data manipulation and querying.
  • Background in data modeling and ETL processes.
  • Exceptional data visualization abilities with a focus on design and aesthetics.
  • Solid analytical and problem-solving skills, capable of translating complex business needs into actionable insights.
  • Bonus points for Microsoft Power BI certification.

Your responsibilities would include:

  • Collaborating with stakeholders to understand and analyze business needs for BI solutions.
  • Designing and building interactive, visually striking dashboards and reports using Microsoft Power BI.
  • Developing data models and executing data transformations to ensure accuracy and consistency within Power BI datasets.
  • Conducting data analysis to uncover trends, patterns, and insights crucial for strategic decision-making.
  • Fine-tuning Power BI reports and dashboards for optimal performance and user experience.

Here’s what Proxify offers:

  • Career-enhancing roles with leading-edge companies.
  • Access to exclusive long-term remote opportunities with some of the world’s most innovative product firms.
  • Tailored opportunities to suit your skills and preferences, bypassing traditional recruitment barriers.
  • A pathway to accelerate your journey as an independent developer, starting with smaller projects and expanding as you progress.
  • A streamlined recruitment process designed to respect your time, with the potential for multiple job offers without additional testing.