Senior Digital Fundraising Specialist

Job Description

The Wikimedia Foundation is in search of an experienced and innovative digital marketer to join our Online Fundraising team as the Senior Digital Fundraising Specialist. This role, reporting to the Senior Manager of Fundraising Growth, involves overseeing the execution of fundraising banner campaigns on, which generate tens of millions of dollars annually.

The Senior Digital Fundraising Specialist will manage these campaigns from inception to completion, leading a team of developers, designers, and copywriters to ensure high-quality execution. This includes coordinating A/B tests within campaigns to optimize conversion rates and donor experience.

Key responsibilities include managing end-to-end project and production tasks for fundraising campaigns, coordinating A/B tests, interpreting test results, and contributing to optimization efforts. Specific deliverables involve managing multiple annual fund banner campaigns across various languages and countries, implementing and prioritizing A/B test queues, monitoring campaign performance, ensuring high standards of usability and functionality, and overseeing special fundraising projects as needed.

Desired qualifications for the role include experience with A/B testing and statistical interpretation, proficiency in HTML/CSS, understanding of online customer conversion best practices, ability to work effectively in remote environments, and excellent communication skills. Additional experience with nonprofit fundraising, multilingual marketing, and enterprise workflow tools is a plus.

The Wikimedia Foundation, a nonprofit organization operating Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects, values diversity and inclusivity in its workforce. The position offers competitive and equitable compensation, adjusted based on location, with opportunities for advancement and skill development. The Foundation is currently hiring in various countries, with non-US employees hired through local third-party Employers of Record. Applicants can inquire about specific pay ranges during the interview process.