Senior Independent Product Manager/Product Designer

May 5, 2024

Job Description

Here’s a rephrased version:

Experience high-paying and purposeful client projects, where you’ll take the lead on Product, partnering with top-tier companies. Typically, rates range from $110 to $190 per hour, working with vetted clients on impactful endeavors. Our selection process is stringent, as we primarily onboard new clients through trusted referrals. Our past collaborations include renowned names like Lyft, McGraw Hill, ClearCo, and others, alongside emerging unicorns and startups endorsed by industry giants like a16z, YC, and Softbank.

Join forces with both old and new friends in our specialized niche of small and diverse product teams. Larger-budget clients express a preference for teams rather than individuals, and we strive to maintain existing team dynamics whenever possible.

Enjoy complete autonomy to decline projects that don’t align with your interests. We understand that top talents often manage multiple commitments, so there’s no pressure to join every mission. If our platform no longer suits you, departing or taking a break is hassle-free.

Participate in curated gatherings for intimate discussions on topics that are often challenging to address elsewhere. Our long-term goal is to foster micro-communities where top builders can forge meaningful connections based on shared interests.

Retain 100% of your earnings; our revenue model involves a modest, transparent platform fee on top of your rate.

To apply, visit and mention WWR when prompted. No resume or cover letter required; instead, we value seeing the projects you’ve contributed to. If there’s a match, we look forward to discussing further.

As an A·Team member, you’ll have the opportunity to lead as a Product manager/designer on impactful projects tailored to your expertise and interests. These missions typically involve building innovative software solutions from scratch within a small team of 3-4 individuals.

A·Team is ideally suited for seasoned Product Managers/Designers who seek autonomy outside of large corporations and high-growth startups. We cater to those who prefer contract work over full-time positions and relish the chance to collaborate with other top-tier builders on a diverse array of projects.

However, A·Team is not the right fit for individuals seeking small, one-off gigs or those focused on basic website development. We target experienced professionals rather than those early in their careers, including recent graduates from universities or bootcamps.

Our overarching vision is to redefine the landscape for independent software builders. We’re dedicated to supporting “unhirables” – individuals whom traditional companies might not hire full-time but who are driven to pursue their most meaningful work alongside like-minded peers in small, autonomous teams.

To facilitate this vision, we’ve secured funding exceeding $5 million from reputable investors such as NFX, Village Global, and Box Group. Our backers include influential figures from companies like Upwork, Fiverr, Lemonade, and Apple, as well as notable experts like YC Partner Aaron Harris and renowned academics Adam Grant and Dan Ariely.