Senior Java Developer

May 12, 2024

Job Description

We’re embarking on a mission to make a significant impact. As a Series A, venture-backed startup, we’re assembling a diverse global team to revolutionize data analytics using Apache Arrow. Our goal is to create a robust foundation that enables faster and more efficient data processing, leveraging modern hardware capabilities.

Our commitment extends to fostering collaboration across open source communities. With a team of experienced maintainers who have been at the forefront of open source ecosystems for over 15 years, particularly in C++, Python, and R programming, we’re dedicated to bridging gaps and driving innovation.

Creating an inclusive and supportive work environment is paramount to us. At Voltron Data, we’re building a company culture that values representation, equity, and respect. Every team member is essential to our success, and we prioritize their growth and well-being.

In this role, you’ll play a pivotal part in improving Apache Arrow and Substrait for Java developers. Your responsibilities will include enhancing library quality, addressing user needs, and spreading awareness through various channels. Significant Java experience and a background in data engineering or data science are essential, along with familiarity in open source practices and performance optimization. The compensation for this role ranges from $145,000.00 to $195,000.00 USD, with additional incentives such as equity awards available.