Senior Product Designer

June 8, 2024

Job Description

As a Product Designer at Promaton, you’ll engage with cutting-edge AI technology applied in various products catering to both dentistry industry professionals (specifically laboratory technicians) and customers (dentists). Currently, our focus is on expanding employee-facing products, enabling technicians to seamlessly interact with AI models through a highly efficient and user-friendly interface. We’re seeking someone with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in Product Design or UX/UI Design, adept at conducting user research (including interviews and usability testing), data-driven decision-making (utilizing both qualitative and quantitative data), conceptualizing application workflows and experiences, and translating them into aesthetically pleasing and functional user interfaces. This role offers the opportunity to take ownership of the entire UX/UI design spectrum, thereby significantly influencing the tools employees utilize.

Your responsibilities will include optimizing the AI-results correction process within the Data cut app by designing intuitive 3D tools and visualizations for AI review, editing, and approval. You’ll shape the product direction through employee interviews/testing and data analysis, creating design assets such as wireframes, mockups, workflows, and interactive prototypes supported by factual narratives. Collaborating closely with developers, you’ll articulate design requirements through GitHub tickets and regularly present your work to product teams and company leadership. Additionally, you’ll lead the development of new features aligned with the Product Roadmap, manage the complete design lifecycle, conduct thorough employee research and competitive analysis, and contribute to scalable and efficient employee experience solutions.

Working at Promaton offers numerous perks, including excellent work-life balance, competitive employment terms, remote work flexibility, dedicated time for hackathons and research, comprehensive training budgets, exposure to the latest technology, substantial responsibility and autonomy, regular team events and company retreats, generous annual leave, top-notch equipment, visa sponsorship for international engineers, job security, and an inclusive work environment that values diversity.

Ideal candidates possess the ability to comprehend complex workflows and identify core user issues, design user stories aligning with technical constraints and business goals, demonstrate proficiency in design tools like Figma, Sketch, or Framer, and showcase a portfolio highlighting successful delivery of digital B2E or B2B2E products. They should be proactive, agile, open to collaboration, possess excellent communication skills, and be willing to work within Central European Time Zone and Central Standard Time Zone. Bonus points are awarded for candidates with an Industrial Design background, experience in B2E, B2B2E, or B2B contexts, understanding of AI integration, familiarity with the medical or dental domain, and a conscientious, action-oriented approach.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you! Keep in mind our preference for personalized responses to screening questions rather than generic insights from AI. If you’re excited about the role, even if you don’t perfectly fit every requirement, we encourage you to apply. And if this role isn’t the right fit, consider sending us an open application. For additional guidance on our selection process, check out our blog on How to be successful in our selection process.