Senior Product Designer

May 8, 2024

Job Description

At GitLab, we’re changing the game in software development and management. Our Import and Integrate team handles the tools customers use to transition to GitLab from other platforms, along with our 3rd party integrations, REST APIs, GraphQL foundational code, and Webhooks.

This role offers significant potential to shape this feature – currently, there’s no Designer assigned to the team, so they’re eager to welcome one aboard! You’ll be tackling visual design, data flows, and information architecture, among other things. Expect to conduct extensive research and collaborate closely with various teams, given that this work impacts the entire product.

Your responsibilities include designing user-friendly and scalable solutions for seamless migrations to GitLab from other platforms. This involves enhancing visibility into migrations by improving the discoverability and searchability of import results, offering clear steps for import failures, and ensuring clarity once a project has been migrated. Additionally, you’ll prioritize usability at scale, making sure our tools and workflows cater to all users efficiently.

In addition to these tasks, as a GitLab Senior Product Designer, you’ll be expected to:

  • Possess experience in Information Architecture.
  • Demonstrate strong proficiency in designing for large datasets, simplifying comprehension and navigation.
  • Showcase expertise in designing for technical products, particularly within the DevOps domain.
  • Have a track record of designing enterprise-focused products.
  • Exhibit leadership skills, capable of defining and driving a UX vision across cross-functional teams and fostering change beyond your own team.
  • Demonstrate experience in conducting research using various methods and possessing strong decision-making abilities regarding when to conduct research.

Our Product Design team supports GitLab’s business by mastering our stage group, comprehensively understanding our entire product, and aligning with user and business objectives. We work closely with Product Management and Development teams, embedding designers within the teams to champion visual design and drive solutions that best address our customers’ needs.

At GitLab, we provide various benefits to support your well-being and professional growth, including remote work options, flexible paid time off, resource groups, equity compensation, parental leave, and a budget for growth and development. We encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply, as we recognize that not meeting every requirement doesn’t hinder success, and we value the unique perspectives and experiences they bring. If you’re enthusiastic about this role, please apply and let our recruiters assess your application.