Senior Python Engineer

May 25, 2024

Job Description

Remote work stands as a powerful force for equality in our era, enabling individuals to access job opportunities from global companies, regardless of their place of birth or residence. Omnipresent exemplifies this principle.

As a customer-centric global employment services partner, we facilitate companies in expanding their teams across over 155 countries and territories through our SaaS platform, OmniPlatform. Our platform streamlines the complexities of hiring and managing global teams remotely, encompassing everything from employee onboarding to offboarding, including legal compliance, payroll, expenses, and benefits administration.

In alignment with our ethos, we operate as a fully remote company, devoid of a central headquarters. Our diverse team of over 250 professionals spans across 50+ countries and territories, offering the freedom to work from anywhere. Just as we support our clients and their remote teams globally, we extend benefits and assistance to our employees worldwide. With a flat organizational structure, we prioritize accountability and initiative, fostering an environment where every team member contributes to our ambitious objectives.

In the burgeoning era of remote work, we’re expanding our team to drive the realization of global remote work opportunities for individuals everywhere.

More on Engineering at Omnipresent:

Our engineering and product teams collaborate closely, forming empowered teams with shared objectives. We incorporate subject matter experts from various departments within Omnipresent as needed. Each team autonomously determines its working approach, tailored to preferences, user needs, and project specifics. Engineers engage regularly with both internal and occasional external customers to grasp software requirements, gather feedback, and address issues promptly. Amid our growth, we maintain a focus on technical excellence, ensuring our software remains adaptable and undergoes refinement to sustain a rapid pace of delivery. We emphasize extensive automated testing, swift release cycles, and continuous refactoring as integral parts of our workflow. Efforts are underway to increase available slack time within the team, enabling the delivery of more incremental improvements to our products and technology.

Your Role:

We’re seeking a Senior Engineer driven by a passion for innovation. With three years of experience under our belt, we’re leveraging lessons learned to propel our global expansion. As a Senior Engineer, you’ll tackle intricate, impactful challenges, shaping the evolution of our customer and internal-facing OmniPlatform.

As we embark on building our next-generation platform, we seek exceptional Software Engineers to join us on this mission. You’ll engage across the product lifecycle, from conceptualization to operational deployment, in an environment where talent knows no boundaries.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Designing, developing, and implementing high-quality software applications to architect our new platform.
  • Actively participating in technical deliberations to enhance impact and velocity.
  • Encouraging continuous personal and product development within the team.
  • Contributing to scalable and reliable system architecture.
  • Analyzing and optimizing system performance, scalability, and security.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to introduce new features.
  • Mentoring junior developers to foster their growth.
  • Writing clean, maintainable, and efficient code.

About You:

  • Proficient in Python development.
  • Deep understanding of modern software engineering principles.
  • Advocate of agile methodologies.
  • Experience in architectural decision-making.
  • Proficiency in designing and implementing microservices and distributed systems.
  • Familiarity with SQL and NoSQL database design.
  • Ability to conduct unit and system testing and automate testing processes.
  • Experience deploying applications in cloud environments.

You’re someone who:

  • Values quality and observability, striving for continuous improvement.
  • Advocates for the transformative potential of remote work.
  • Embodies a growth mindset and takes initiative.
  • Invests in team growth and knowledge sharing.
  • Thrives in a fast-paced, scale-up environment.

What We Offer:

  • Shared ownership in Omnipresent.
  • Generous annual vacation entitlement.
  • Flexible remote working arrangements.
  • Opportunities for professional development.
  • Supportive well-being initiatives.
  • Comprehensive home office setup.
  • Access to educational resources.
  • Additional region-specific benefits.

At Omnipresent, we champion remote working as an equalizer, committed to fostering inclusivity in line with our mission. We value the potential of every individual, irrespective of diverse backgrounds or identities.