Senior Python Engineer

May 13, 2024

Job Description

Remote work represents a significant step towards leveling the playing field in our era, offering individuals the chance to pursue job opportunities from organizations worldwide, regardless of their place of birth or residence. Omnipresent embodies this principle.

As a customer-centric global employment services partner, we facilitate companies in expanding their teams across more than 155 countries and territories globally. Our approach revolves around our SaaS platform, OmniPlatform, which assists companies, regardless of their size, in navigating the complexities associated with hiring and managing global teams remotely. This includes overseeing tasks from employee onboarding to offboarding, encompassing legal and compliance matters, payroll, expenses, and health and benefits.

Moreover, we lead by example. Operating as a fully remote company without a central headquarters, our team of over 250 individuals spans across more than 50 countries and territories worldwide. This setup empowers our team members to work from any location they choose, with benefits and support extended to every global location, mirroring the assistance we provide to our clients and their remote teams. With a flat organizational structure, we emphasize accountability and encourage proactive involvement in tasks that contribute to our ambitious company objectives.

In an era witnessing a surge in remote work, we’re expanding our team to help realize the vision of global remote work accessibility for individuals everywhere.

About Engineering at Omnipresent:

Our engineering and product teams collaborate closely, forming empowered teams with shared objectives, often including Subject Matter Experts from various Omnipresent departments. Each team operates autonomously, employing diverse approaches tailored to their preferences, user needs, and project requirements. Engineers engage frequently with both internal and occasionally external stakeholders to grasp software requirements, gather feedback on ongoing developments, and address issues promptly. Despite our growth, we prioritize technical excellence, ensuring our software remains adaptable and undergoes necessary refinements to sustain a rapid delivery pace. With extensive test coverage, swift release cycles, and a commitment to ongoing refactoring, we continuously enhance our product and technology offerings.

Your Role:

We seek a Senior Engineer eager to tackle intricate, impactful challenges that drive the evolution of our customer and internal-facing OmniPlatform in its next phase of global expansion. As we embark on building our next-generation platform, we require exceptional Software Engineers to contribute across the entire product lifecycle, from conceptualization to operational deployment. Our aim is to create a future where individuals worldwide have equal access to opportunities, irrespective of geographical barriers.

In this role, you’ll leverage your expertise in Python development and deep understanding of modern software engineering principles to design and implement high-quality software solutions, particularly focusing on global payroll, payments, compliance, and benefits across 160 countries. You’ll actively participate in technical discussions, foster continuous improvement, mentor junior developers, and champion best practices in software development.

About You:

We’re seeking individuals who are passionate about quality and observability, possess a growth mindset, and are committed to fostering team growth and knowledge sharing. You thrive in a fast-paced, results-driven environment and are excited about contributing to the growth of a rapidly expanding tech scale-up.

What We Offer:

Joining our journey means sharing ownership in Omnipresent’s success. You’ll enjoy a generous annual vacation entitlement, flexible working arrangements, comprehensive development opportunities, mental health and wellbeing support, a fully remote work environment, parental leave benefits, home office setup assistance, educational support, and additional regional benefits.

We believe in the transformative power of remote work and are dedicated to fostering inclusivity across all facets of our organization. Regardless of background or identity, we believe in the potential of every individual and are committed to promoting conscious inclusion.