Senior Software Engineer

Job Description

We’re facilitating robust MongoDB deployments across various clouds and platforms chosen by our clients. Our goal is to develop the premier open-source alternative to MongoDB Atlas or Amazon DocumentDB, empowering end-users to own, control, and operate their MongoDB instances across multi-cloud or on-premise setups.

Canonical seeks an adept Python developer with MongoDB proficiency to assist in constructing a fully managed MongoDB solution using Juju. Our objective is to create the most dependable and secure method for deploying and managing MongoDB across machines, VMs, public clouds, and Kubernetes. Given the compact size of the MongoDB team, your role as a seasoned Python programmer will be pivotal, with your contributions significantly impacting both the product and its wider ecosystem.

Who We’re Looking For:

  • You possess a passion for technology and collaborating with talented individuals.
  • As a seasoned senior Python developer, you thrive on challenging projects within critical operational settings.
  • You bring hands-on experience in operating and overseeing MongoDB clusters.
  • Your expertise extends to modern infrastructure deployment automation or traditional Linux system administration, operations, and package management.
  • You are committed to maintaining high quality through automated testing.

Join a company that’s a trailblazer in open source, surrounded by skilled engineers ranging from entry level to CTO and CEO. Canonical has embraced a remote-first culture since its inception in 2004, offering a competitive salary, geographical flexibility, and the opportunity to exclusively contribute to impactful open source endeavors.

Canonical takes pride in cultivating a discrimination-free workplace. We strongly believe that diversity in experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds enriches both our work environment and the platforms we provide to our users and customers. We wholeheartedly encourage everyone to join the Ubuntu community