Senior Software Engineer

May 19, 2024

Job Description

Diversity lies at the core of Xapo Bank’s identity. Our team comprises over 140 Xapiens, spread across 40+ countries, working remotely.

Our inception story revolves around a vision for global economic freedom and wealth preservation, spearheaded by our Founder and Chairman, Wences Casares. We are dedicated to revolutionizing banking practices.

To realize our vision, we scout for top talents worldwide, fostering a culture of hard work, global perspective, and mutual inspiration. We are committed to innovation and challenging conventional norms.

Risk management is integral to our operations, with every Xapien entrusted with its oversight. Effective risk management ensures customer service excellence, shareholder value, and a conducive work environment.

While headquartered in Gibraltar, this role offers full-time remote work flexibility, allowing you to work from anywhere.

Position Summary: We seek a Senior Software Engineer to join our dynamic engineering team. At Xapo, we foster interdisciplinary teams with end-to-end ownership across various domains. As a Senior Software Engineer, you will contribute to our Financial Crime Prevention products, collaborating closely with product, application, design, and QA teams. Your role will involve developing impactful solutions, providing technical guidance, and actively shaping our developmental practices and architecture.

Our primary tech stack includes AWS, Docker, Python (Django, Flask), MySQL, MongoDB, and Redis. Additionally, we utilize PostgreSQL, Node.js, Java, and BigQuery.


  • Mentor and develop team members.
  • Collaborate in cross-functional teams for optimal outcomes.
  • Cultivate a conducive work environment.
  • Design, develop, and deploy backend services with a focus on scalability, fault tolerance, and security.
  • Assume end-to-end responsibility for services, from development to production and operations.
  • Innovate with Bitcoin technology.

Required Skills:

  • Proficiency in general-purpose programming languages like Python and Node.js.
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills.
  • Familiarity with microservices architecture, container-based apps, and cloud-native patterns.
  • Experience with Event Storming and Domain Driven Design.
  • Expertise in building highly scalable asynchronous software.
  • Proficient in CI/CD practices and observability principles.

Additional Requirements:

  • Dedicated workspace and reliable internet connection.
  • Devices meeting technical specifications.
  • Alignment with our values and leadership principles.

Why Xapo?

  • Global impact with remote work flexibility.
  • Work-life balance with autonomy and collaborative teamwork.
  • Opportunities for learning and growth.

At Xapo, we uphold consumer protection and regulatory compliance, ensuring fair treatment, transparency, and ethical conduct in all interactions.