Senior Software Engineer AI/ML Operations

April 24, 2024

Job Description

Innovative at the forefront of operational advancements, Invisible Technologies specializes in overcoming strategic obstacles for clients, offering solutions to intricate business challenges globally. Our technology-driven managed execution service relies on a potent process orchestration platform, seamlessly blending artificial and human intelligence with automation to unlock remarkable growth and scalability opportunities.

Experiencing exponential growth, we have quadrupled in size annually for the past three years. By the end of 2023, we anticipate reaching an annual recurring revenue (ARR) of $108 million. Operating profitably, we retain nearly complete ownership, underpinned by robust financial management. As part of our dedication to our team, we are thrilled to provide significant equity compensation, offering transformative equity opportunities for our Partners.

We’re in search of a highly proficient Senior Software Engineer with a solid foundation in full-stack development, particularly backend technologies, to join our AI/ML team. This role is crucial in supporting our AI-driven tool development and R&D initiatives, concentrating on operational excellence in cloud environments to expedite the deployment and iteration of machine learning solutions.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and Maintain AI/ML Systems: Construct durable, scalable backend systems to underpin machine learning operations and data processing pipelines.
  • Cloud Operations and Management: Supervise and optimize cloud infrastructure to ensure the streamlined deployment and operation of ML models.
  • Problem Solving: Independently explore and tackle complex problem domains to enhance system capabilities and performance without extensive guidance.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborate closely with ML engineers and data scientists to seamlessly integrate advanced ML technologies, ensuring smooth operations across diverse platforms.
  • Innovation and R&D: Actively engage in the research and development of new tools to augment our AI capabilities and workflows.


  • Professional Experience: Over 5 years of software engineering with significant exposure to full-stack development, particularly in backend environments.
  • Technical Expertise:
  • Proficiency in Python and backend frameworks.
  • Extensive familiarity with cloud platforms and operational best practices.
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes and other container management tools.
  • Ability to write well-structured, organized code and automated unit/E2E tests.
  • Comfortable with polyglot persistence models (SQL vs. NoSQL).
  • ML Operations: Experience with MLOps frameworks and best practices; understanding of DevOps principles as applied to machine learning model deployment and lifecycle management.
  • Problem Solving: Ability to operate autonomously in unstructured environments, showcasing a proactive and investigative approach to addressing challenges.
  • Communication: Excellent communication skills with the capacity to collaborate effectively in a dynamic, cross-functional team.

Nice to Have:

  • Experience with large language models (LLMs), retrieval augmented generation, and similar technologies.
  • Hands-on experience with Hugging Face and other standard ML libraries.
  • Previous involvement in deploying and managing ML models in production environments.

Working Schedule:

The candidate should be available between 10am to 3pm EDT from Monday to Friday.

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Working Times: US (EST or PST) Hours
  • Compensation Breakdown:
    • Base: $140,000
    • Base + Bonus Target: $180,000
    • Stock options
  • Flexible Work Schedule / Un-accrued Vacation Days
  • Remote Work Option