Senior Software Engineer – Front-end Developer at Yield Guild Games

Job Description

Yield Guild Games operates as a decentralized gaming community that combines resources to acquire NFTs generating returns, utilizing players’ contributions to maximize communal assets. By integrating NFTs and DeFi, YGG enriches its partners and community by evolving virtual world content and economies. Its goal is to establish the largest virtual economy, particularly targeting regions with limited job opportunities and crisis support, recognizing the transformative potential of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. YGG has garnered investment from prominent entities like Andreessen Horowitz, Delphi Digital, and others.

As a leading web3 startup, YGG seeks a Senior Front-end Developer to join their rapidly expanding team. The role involves collaborating with designers and developers to construct and manage web applications, ensuring consistency and user satisfaction across platforms. Responsibilities include interpreting product specifications, adhering to deadlines, debugging, maintaining documentation, fostering professional relationships, and staying updated on web standards. The ideal candidate possesses expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with experience in mobile-first design, ReactJS, NextJS, TypeScript, and/or CSS in JS. Knowledge of cryptography, blockchain protocols, web development processes, testing, and layout aesthetics is essential. Strong analytical, problem-solving, mentoring, and project management skills are valued.

Benefits include remote work support, competitive salary, a diverse team, flexible hours, family-friendly policies, and exposure to cutting-edge technologies in crypto and web3.