Senior UX Designer

May 31, 2024

Job Description

Are you passionate about creating exceptional user experiences and shaping the future of smart homes?

Nabu Casa is seeking a Senior User Experience Designer to join our Product & Design team full-time, focusing on Home Assistant. You’ll transform our vision into tangible prototypes and design intuitive, user-friendly experiences for our users’ smart homes.

Home Assistant, one of the most active open-source projects globally, powers over a million households, providing convenience, comfort, security, personalization, and more by automating and controlling devices. We are committed to our Open Home vision — a smart home built on privacy, choice, and sustainability.

The Nabu Casa Product & Design team envisions the future of the Home Assistant project and guides us there. We oversee product roadmaps and manage the alignment, discovery, ideation, design, and validation phases of each product, collaborating with our engineering team for implementation and our marketing team for launch. Since our formation last year, we’ve been dedicated to steering Home Assistant towards a powerful yet user-friendly experience.

In contrast to typical corporate or startup roles, we actively maintain our project and its open-source community. We communicate transparently with contributors and users, keeping them informed and aligned with our direction. You’ll have easy access to users for feedback and validation via our forums. You’ll collaborate with Nabu Casa engineers and community contributors to bring your designs to life.


  • Design: Develop interaction models, sitemaps, wireframes, prototypes, screen flows, and storyboards. Organize content with effective information architecture to aid user orientation and navigation in our apps. Make user-centric design decisions.
  • Research Synthesis: Work with our UX researcher to define product research goals and processes. Synthesize research and select appropriate design methodologies and tools, such as user personas, heuristic analysis, journey maps, or service blueprints.
  • Ideation: Lead design workshops and sprints to generate innovative product ideas.
  • Validation: Test and optimize product design and functionality. Analyze user data and test results to refine designs.
  • Cross-Team Collaboration: Communicate design concepts while collaborating with colleagues across disciplines. Collect feedback and keep stakeholders informed. Define product requirements with product managers, balancing feasibility, viability, and desirability.
  • User and Design Advocacy: Be the go-to design expert and advocate for user-centered design principles. Promote consistency in our emerging design system.
  • Open Source Collaboration: Work with community contributors on our products. Improve their contributions through better design.
  • Stay Updated: Keep abreast of the latest UX design methodologies, industry trends, and best practices to enhance our design processes and deliverables.


  • Mastery of Figma: Proficient in essential and advanced Figma features, including autolayout, design libraries, dev mode, prototyping tools, components, text and color styles, variables, and plugins.
  • Design Thinking Skills: Ability to solve problems using the best design methodologies and tools throughout the product development lifecycle.
  • Self-Driven: Proactively improve products and design processes. Become the design owner of specific product areas.
  • User-Driven: Empathetic towards users, understanding the importance of frequent user interactions. Document and iterate on user research findings using the right UX tools.
  • Craftsmanship: Keen eye for design details and aesthetics, ensuring precise alignment and consistency. Understanding of typography, color theory, grid systems, and composition.
  • Smart Home Knowledge: Familiarity with home automation and alignment with our Open Home values of privacy, choice, and sustainability. Experience with Home Assistant or other home automation software is a plus.
  • Accessibility Standards Knowledge: Deliver user experiences that are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.
  • Basic Software Development Understanding: Knowledge of what frontend and backend developers need to implement designs, and a general understanding of how computers work.
  • Fluency in English.

Additional Preferred Skills:

  • Affinity with Open-Source Development: Experience contributing to open-source projects and engaging with their communities.
  • Software Experience: Proficiency with creative web development, collaboration, and design software.
  • Coding Skills: Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, simple JavaScript, and YAML files.
  • UX Experience Across Mediums: Experience with desktop dashboards, mobile, wearables, voice, e-ink displays, and assistive devices.
  • Background in Architecture or Interior Design: Understanding of how people interact with architectural spaces is a plus.
  • Data Visualization Experience.

Even if you don’t perfectly match this profile but are an active Home Assistant community member, we’d love to hear from you!

What We Offer:

Nabu Casa is a fully remote company employing people worldwide. You’ll be a normal salaried employee in your country with no work visa required. This full-time, 40-hour per week position offers flexible scheduling, requiring at least three hours of daily overlap for team communication. Your team manager is based in the Eastern time zone (UTC-04:00) in the United States.

We prioritize the well-being of our team, offering:

  • Five weeks (25 days) of paid time off.
  • Fourteen days of paid sick leave.
  • Six weeks of paid and six weeks of unpaid parental leave.
  • A home workspace budget and the option to keep the equipment after three years.
  • A monthly smart home budget.
  • A 50% contribution to your home workspace internet connection fee.
  • Work time for Home Assistant-related side projects.

About Us:

Nabu Casa drives the development of Home Assistant, the world’s largest free and open-source smart home platform, benefiting over a million households. Founded to ensure sustainable development of Home Assistant, we now support broader open home initiatives. In 2024, the Open Home Foundation was formed to protect and sustain these projects, with Nabu Casa as a commercial partner committed to privacy, choice, and sustainability.

Our funding comes solely from Home Assistant Cloud subscriptions and hardware sales, ensuring our only stakeholders are our employees and users. We employ over 30 contributors globally to focus on Home Assistant and other projects that support the Open Home vision.

Nabu Casa also supports projects and collaborations such as:

  • Open hardware tools (e.g., ESPHome, ESP Web Tools)
  • Open standards (e.g., Python Matter Server, Z-Wave JS, ZigPy, BTHome, Improv Wi-Fi)
  • Open voice (e.g., Rhasspy, Wyoming Protocol, Piper)

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