Social Media Editor

Job Description

Established in 2012, Student Loan Hero has a mission to aid 44 million individuals in handling and settling more than $1.4 trillion in student loan debt. The organization merges financial education with user-friendly tools, impartial personalized guidance, and repayment strategies to foster financial well-being among student loan borrowers.

As the Social Media Editor, your role revolves around being the expert in engaging with the existing Student Loan Hero community and expanding our brand presence across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Your primary objective is to actively participate in and steer conversations on social media regarding student loans and personal finance, aligning with Student Loan Hero’s mission. Responsibilities include collaborating with the Content team to tailor, package, and optimize content for dissemination across social platforms, crafting the SLH voice, nurturing the community, generating original social-exclusive content, forging strategic partnerships, and liaising with internal teams to ensure a cohesive social strategy.

Working within the Student Loan Hero team entails being part of a fully remote workforce scattered across different global locations. Effective communication via platforms like Slack, Gmail, Basecamp, and Google Hangouts is integral to our operations. We embrace a culture of transparency, collaboration, and personal and professional growth, offering autonomy in project selection and fostering a fun and supportive work environment.

Job requirements include authorization to work in the U.S., a bachelor’s degree, 3-5+ years of social media management experience, project management skills, proficiency in social platforms and data tools, audience growth expertise, creativity in campaign ideation, attention to detail, a penchant for building relationships, and occasional travel for business-related purposes.

Benefits encompass a competitive salary, equity, unlimited vacation, flexible hours, remote work options, provision of equipment and workspace, comprehensive wellness coverage, educational stipends, and financial contributions towards retirement and student loan repayment assistance.