Social Media Manager

Job Description

Toptal is a network that connects companies with the top 3% of global talent in software engineering, design, and finance, available on demand to help businesses grow and adapt. With over $100 million in annual revenue and triple-digit growth, Toptal boasts the largest fully distributed workforce worldwide.

We blend the best aspects of virtual teams with a supportive structure that fosters innovation, social interaction, and fun. Our approach transcends borders, moves quickly, and embraces unconventional methods.

We are looking for individuals not actively seeking jobs, as they are the ones we want on our team.

Position Description

As the Social Media Manager at Toptal, you will establish the social media function from scratch for a groundbreaking company. You will oversee the quality, tone, messaging, and copy across all social channels, ensuring that the content consistently reflects Toptal’s elite brand. Your strategy will transform social media into a significant revenue stream for Toptal.

You will collaborate proactively with various team leads, including Marketing, PR, Community, and Enterprise, to source and identify content, increasing the volume and variety of social posts. You will align with executives on audience, channel, and content strategies for all Toptal social media accounts, thereby significantly impacting the company’s trajectory.

This role is remote and can be performed from anywhere.


  • Develop a comprehensive social media strategy and workflow for Toptal’s accounts.
  • Align executive goals with social media objectives, measurement, and brand purpose.
  • Increase post volume and achieve a minimum 4x growth in engaged audience within a year.
  • Enhance the quality of posted content while ensuring real-time interaction with mentions, news, and posts.
  • Implement best practices through experimentation and innovation.
  • Collaborate with team leads to produce high-quality content.
  • Manage Toptal’s paid social strategy and scale the social media function.
  • Create and schedule compelling content to exceed social media goals.


First Week:

  • Integrate into Toptal.
  • Assess past social marketing efforts and begin strategizing.
  • Meet cross-functional teams to optimize collaboration.

First Month:

  • Review and identify gaps in the current social marketing strategy.
  • Develop and implement a new social media strategy and daily plans.
  • Ensure consistent quality in posts.
  • Take control of existing social marketing initiatives.
  • Finalize and gain buy-in for the social marketing strategy.

First Three Months:

  • Demonstrate value with measurable KPIs that drive revenue.
  • Fully manage all social media efforts, both daily and long-term.
  • Be accountable for deliverables and results.

First Six Months:

  • Develop a repeatable model for planning, executing, and measuring social media content and campaigns.
  • Continuously test and refine processes for improvement.

First Year:

  • Implement the social media strategies at scale, building a team, and enhancing social media capabilities.
  • Grow the social media audience/reach by at least 50%, establishing social media as a revenue-driving channel.


  • Strong knowledge of best practices across all social media platforms.
  • Experience with growth marketing and reverse-engineering social media.
  • Understanding of effective, action-inducing communications.
  • Familiarity with the technology and talent industries.
  • Proven experience managing social media accounts with around 100K followers.
  • Ability to engage developers, designers, and entrepreneurs is a plus.
  • Preferred experience in digital marketing or communications at a tech startup or a well-known consumer or B2B brand.
  • Must be a self-starter with creativity, initiative, and drive.
  • Responsibility for Toptal’s public image and pride in delivering quality work.
  • Highly detail-oriented.
  • Excellent communication skills and perfect command of English.
  • Open to feedback and constructive criticism.
  • Must be a world-class individual contributor, not just a supervisor.