Software Engineer, Front-End Developer

May 13, 2024

Job Description

We’re an organization dedicated to reclaiming valuable time for people by leveraging technology to address the challenges they face in their daily lives. At Assembly, we assist forward-thinking leaders in creating dependable platforms that both customers rely on and businesses thrive on.

Partnering closely with our clients, we facilitate their transition to the cloud and the development of essential technological resources necessary for business transformation. This includes tasks such as developing customized software, migrating to the cloud, or modernizing existing applications. With nearly two decades of experience, our dynamic team has successfully guided enterprise organizations like Honda, Acura, Brookfield, and Canon toward their tech-driven business objectives.

As a fully remote company, we take pride in our diverse team spread across five countries and four continents, recognized for our achievements in Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies, Best Workplaces in Technology, and Best Workplaces in Canada.

In the role of Front-End Developer, you’ll play a crucial part in bringing static visual designs and interactive elements to life within web applications. Collaborating closely with UI/UX designers, you’ll bridge the gap between design concepts and technical implementation, ensuring both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the application meet high standards. Supported by Back-End Developers, you’ll contribute to the seamless integration of front-end and back-end components.

Ideal candidates for this role possess over five years of experience in Front-End Development and demonstrate proficiency in modern JavaScript, semantic HTML, CSS3, and React. Additionally, experience with mobile-first UI development, UI testing, internationalization, and contribution to design-system component libraries are highly valued. While a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field is preferred, critical thinking, analytical prowess, and problem-solving skills are equally essential.

Joining our team offers numerous opportunities for professional growth, including access to our internal upskilling program, exposure to cutting-edge cloud technologies, and involvement in designing and building cloud-native software solutions for leading Canadian companies. We encourage applications from individuals with disabilities and provide accommodations upon request throughout the selection process.