Staff Web Designer

June 3, 2024

Job Description

The Mozilla Corporation, backed by non-profit initiatives, has been a driving force in internet innovation for the past 25 years. Through pioneering brands like Firefox and Pocket, we’re shaping the internet for the better, with over 225 million users benefiting from our products monthly. Our focus on AI, social media, security, and more aims to create an internet that serves people, not just corporations. As a Staff Web Designer, you’ll lead the creation of visually stunning and functional web experiences, ensuring they align with our mission and brand. Collaborating with product and UX teams, you’ll craft designs for high-traffic websites, maintaining consistency and quality across platforms. Your role in the Marketing Websites Team involves managing multiple projects, adhering to accessibility standards, and contributing to design systems’ development. We value diverse perspectives and offer generous benefits to support your professional and personal growth. At Mozilla, we’re committed to building an inclusive internet accessible to all, and we welcome applications from individuals of all backgrounds.