Terms of Reference Logistics and Administrative Assistant -Consultant

Job Description

The Global Alliance of Territorial Communities (GATC) is a distinguished political platform uniting Indigenous Peoples and local communities. Our mission is to safeguard Mother Earth, ensuring the welfare of present and future generations globally. Upholding democratic principles, we operate from local communities to multinational forums, representing over 35 million individuals residing in forest territories across 24 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Together, we safeguard more than 958 million hectares of land. Partnering with esteemed organizations such as the Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN) and the Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin (COICA), we advocate for Indigenous Peoples’ and local communities’ rights on a global stage.

Position Overview:
We are seeking a dedicated consultant to oversee logistics for the GATC Secretariat, Co-Chairs, and core delegation during international events. Reporting to the Program Coordinator and collaborating closely with the Administrative Coordinator, the consultant will facilitate travel arrangements, manage event logistics, and assist in budget preparation and report implementation.


Travel and Event Logistics:

    • Coordinate travel logistics for GATC representatives, including flights, accommodations, and transportation.
    • Liaise with member organizations and logistics partners to ensure seamless execution of global meetings and events.
    • Provide on-site support for Secretariat members, including room reservations and logistical arrangements.
    • Assist in expense reporting and per diem management for event participants.
    • Coordinate and oversee personnel involved in event activities.

    Interpretation Services:

      • Determine language requirements for interpretation services and hire professional interpreters.
      • Coordinate interpreters’ schedules and arrange necessary equipment for events.
      • Provide interpreters with detailed trip information and develop contingency plans for unforeseen circumstances.
      • Manage interpretation budget and track expenses in collaboration with the Administrative Coordinator.
      1. General Support:
      • Assist in budget development, financial proposals, and narrative reports.
      • Aid in the preparation of activity and expenditure reports for donors and the GATC Leadership Council.
      • Support maintenance of organizational files, both physical and digital.
      • Perform other duties as directed by the Program Coordinator.


      • Minimum of 2 years of experience in global logistics and event planning.
      • University degree preferred, ideally in International Studies, Business Administration, or related fields.
      • Experience with interpretation logistics is highly desirable.
      • Strong organizational skills with the ability to manage multiple tasks effectively.
      • Excellent written communication skills and report-writing ability.
      • Familiarity with Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs) issues.
      • Previous experience with social organizations, preferably indigenous or local community groups.
      • Proficiency in remote work tools.
      • Exceptional interpersonal skills.
      • Membership in an IPLC is advantageous.
      • Prior knowledge of the GATC agenda is beneficial.

      Language Skills:

      • Proficiency in English is required.
      • Fluency in at least one additional language (French, Portuguese, Spanish, or Indonesian) is preferred.

      Work Environment and Terms:

      • Remote consultancy position, preferably based in one of the 24 represented countries.
      • Availability for approximately 40 hours per week during the 8-month consultancy period.
      • Flexibility to accommodate multiple time zones.
      • Willingness to travel up to 60 days per year if required.
      • Payment on a monthly basis upon submission of invoices to Rainforest Foundation US, the fiscal sponsor of GATC.
      • Evaluation of work performance at the three-month mark.
      • The budget for the 8-month contract ranges between USD 16,800 – 20,000, contingent upon economic proposal and professional experience. Possibility of annual renewal subject to fund availability.

      Join us in our mission to advocate for Indigenous Peoples’ and local communities’ rights on a global scale. Apply now to contribute your expertise to the vital work of the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities.