Web Frontend Engineer

Job Description

This job posting outlines a broad opportunity within Canonical for individuals skilled in web-centric technologies like JavaScript, TypeScript, React, CSS, and Flutter, regardless of seniority level.

Canonical, a company with various enterprise products featuring web front-ends, aims for consistency across its offerings. To achieve this, there’s a team dedicated to building the open-source React toolkit, Vanilla Framework. The company emphasizes accessibility and API design, and it’s exploring Flutter for potential integration into its development processes.

Candidates with a strong academic background and a passion for open-source software and innovation are sought. Responsibilities include writing high-quality code, collaborating globally, providing technical leadership, and contributing to the open-source community. The company values diversity, inclusion, and a commitment to excellence.

The role involves remote work with occasional global travel for company events. Desired qualifications include proficiency in web technologies, experience with TypeScript, React, or Flutter, and a focus on accessibility and performance. Additional skills in container technology, UI development, systems programming, REST API design, performance engineering, and security are advantageous.

Canonical offers competitive compensation, a distributed work environment, learning and development opportunities, recognition rewards, leave benefits, and more. As a remote-first company, Canonical promotes a culture of excellence, diversity, and innovation, welcoming applicants from all backgrounds.